Eli Manning reacts to Giants vs. Eagles overtime loss; Coach Pat Shurmur and Darius Slayton – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Raman Kular

On the bright side….Chase Young…

    Squid Inc


    Norman Watson

    not a given!! anything can happen….

A Elezovic

Poor eli… fire the whole coaching staff tomorrow!

Ryan Shumaker

Good job Eli! Sad the defense always lets you down, you dont deserve the hate. People did see how you played well tonight. Hope steven a smith doesnt just go “eli cant deliever the ball and got lucky on a few throws” to please the other dumbasses on the show who just say eli is trash to please the media.

    Tomax Xamot

    Who cares what loudmouth Steven Smith says ,


    I’m watching first take right now. Stephen A doesn’t think Eli belongs in the HoF.

Trojan Camo

Eli has shown how professional he is, but I think Darius Slayton’s responses were great and something we need as a star WR. I hope he continues to get better through this.

Winston Virgo

Its time too clean house.Everyone must go.

    mark d

    Keep gettleman

    Mr T

    I like Slaton…no!

    Maria Mino

    Thank you thank you n thank you…

    Drunk Drywaller

    Talha 10 Gettleman is fine, he has hit on some draft picks. His free agent signings have been meh, but to be fair they all were mostly older cheap vets to help the young players grow. He got rid of Odell and he got a good haul in return. Give him two more years baring he hires a new HC.

Brandon Mula

Shurmur just doesn’t know how to use his weapons

    CJ Snyder

    Brandon Mula hes a great offensive coordinator. Horrible head coach

    Mike D

    “great offensive coordinator” ???  SLOW down… how about trying to find the game clock first Pat,….lets work from there… then we can move on to your HORRIBLE play calling

Christopher Manno

The coaching and leadership of this team is absolutely terrible. The talent is there. Just poorly coached.

    Mike D

    Well Said Sir. No fat in that statement. ALL true

Kaley Rhodes

Giants: Fires Tom Coughlin

Giants: Can’t do anything right since.

Respect to Eli

    For Shiz yo

    Justin Pohleven true. Something happened to ability to draft good players. All of sudden draft after draft was horrible. Especially late rounds where they used to find some gems they all of sudden were terrible. The off line has been bad for such a long time. No point in having great running back if off line stinks. And been while since def been good. I heard a theory that giants owners got so consumed with building new stadium that they took focus off team and lost their way, i dont know if thats true or not. Hiring shurmer was huge mistake. I pray they hire someone like mccarthy next yr. mccarthy would be perfect. He has credibility! He s won a super bowl! And i like he s had 2 yrs off to re fresh. We ll see. I still think gettleman can do it but he screwed up hiring bad head coach. Shurmer doesnt know how to run a game


    They weren’t doing much right with Tom Coughlin either. They didn’t make the playoffs 5 out of his last 6 years.

    For Shiz yo

    Matt it wasnt his coaching though. They were having terrible drafts. Right now this is bad coaching. This is young team and I expected bad record but shurmer is not a head coach. Every game the other team makes halftime adjustments and we lose. Ridiculous

    J Wim

    @kaleyrhoades you’re exactly correct!

    For Shiz yo

    Matt but u have point

Big Blue Squad

Good News : We lost for Chase Young
Bad News : Eli negative record

    Goatquon Barkley

    Charles Buckley not wat I meant they both 1 game negative

    Norman Watson

    @CJ Snyder yup, …but on the 3rd ballot!!! maybe 2nd…

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Big Blue Squad W/L doesn’t matter. That’s a TEAM STAT. Remember when he was like 30/40, 300+ yards, 6 TDs against the Saints and lost? Judging one player on win/loss is stupid

    Big Blue Squad

    ThatOneGuy 123 That’s true. It just looks ugly on his resume, but he’ll still get in the HOF

    Norman Watson

    @Big Blue Squad ….on the 2nd or 3rd ballot!

Mark Limjoco

Need Chase Young on that defense next year


Giant has more talent than the patriots, but NY has an inept coaching staff…fire shurmur!!!

    bubblenugget 15

    on the offense*




Eli wasn’t the problem.. See how many losses we have since Daniel took over.. But Daniel isn’t the problem either it’s the horrible coaching staff!

    Cash Savage

    Defensive coordinator sucks the defence gets run over always

    Maria Mino

    Thank you!. GIANTS TO JUST CLEAN HOUSE N LITERALLY GET A WHOLE NEW COACHING STAFF. I don’t know you & every BIGBLUE FANS out there but I’m tired of losing. This has to stop here now!…


Mr Mustgo pat schumur boy he must go. thoughtless , clueless, unprepared to lead week after week he has no answer/s. wait no more show him the door

Robert Miller

Fire Shumer. No adjustments. Not prepared to win.

Raymundo Read

I’m actually going to miss this guy. He does not get enough credit yet he has carried himself like no one I have even seen. I will forever be thankful I got to witness 2 superbowls from #10. The Giants as a franchise should be embarrassed how this guy’s team were build around him for his last 7 years.

    Tyriq Moore

    You are so on point we still have line problems

    Charles Buckley

    Jerry Reese killed the second half of Eli’s career


I’m a Eagles fan but have to say Eli played a hell of a game

    Chris Schaller

    Eagles fan as well and have nothing but utmost respect for Manning

    Maria Mino

    He sure did😊

For Shiz yo

Shurmer is just not a head coach! End of story

Rome Holmes

Other then losing to Philadelphia, Eli actually had a pretty good game. What a way to come back

Joe Sarjoo

Will shurmur ever run Saquon on the outside 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Bill Russo

    I yell about that every game! Edge rushing not this up the middle crap, but his blocking is horrible to. Need another RB and go back to Jacobs/ Bradshaw style of running.

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