Giants Mock Draft Tracker 1.0: Latest Expert Predictions & Analysis | 2020 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Giants Mock Draft Tracker 1.0: Latest Expert Predictions & Analysis | 2020 NFL Draft

John Schmeelk and Paul Dottino break down the latest Giants mock draft. The media has Big Blue selecting OT Jedrick Wills Jr., LB Isaiah Simmons, CB Jeff Okudah, WR Jerry Jeudy, OL Andrew Thomas, or EDGE A.J. Epenesa with the fourth overall pick.

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Andrew Marchese

The combine is going to change opinions alot

Frank Stange

Isiah Simmons going be a Giant

Frank Stange

I agree with AJ Espena 2 maybe

Giants Pride

Isaiah Simmons doing pretty good against LSU right now… definitely the pick if we don’t trade down.

    cuervo pill

    We’re getting Andrew Thomas 😁


    Is there any OT even worth drafting in that spot? Or not really?


    @Cruzan26 You do know OL is a deeper class than LB in fact OL is the second deepest class no way I pass up on a talent like Simmons. We can take a tackle in the 2nd easy like Mekhi Becton, Austin Jackson or Prince Tega Wanogho. The only way I would take OL at 4 is if I knew Kenneth Murray was guaranteed to be there in the 2nd


    @BlaxOut99 we need to protect the QB, i understand your point but you dont take a lesser player at a position you need just because you dont want to take someone at 4….we didnt want jones at 6 and he worked out great, we couldve had josh allen in that spot the DE


    @BlaxOut99 You will have 4 OTs gone in the top 15 to 20 in the draft. And not all those OTs will work out as tackles. Some will become guards. So let me get this straight, you invest a top 6 pick in a QB and you want to risk getting a OT in the 2nd round for a LB/ Safety? I don’t understand how Giants fans think.

Big Blue Squad

We getting Isaiah Simmons & signing Yannick. All that’s left after that is to get a CB on the outside opposite Baker

    brother xela

    And a lineman or 2


    @brother xela haha yeah sucks thatt the oline is so booty

    Big Blue Squad

    brother xela Definitely OT round 2, there deep this year.

    Big Blue Squad

    brother xela And maybe sign Jack Conklin


I really like him at #4 with them also getting Yannick Ngakoue in free agency

    Dan Nguyen

    100+ in cap space..I can see Yannick. Graham plays a 4-3 so Lawrence and Tomlinson will plug the middle..yannick can play edge rushed…..yeah I can dig it.

    Michael Gainey

    Facts and letting Tree go if he doesn’t take a pay cut. Plus you gotta resign Golden to a solid deal. He’s been beasting this year with 10 sacks. Also release Bethea and give his job to Peppers and put Love in the free safety position. Add a young solid CB to go with Baker either draft or cheap free agent then they’re Gucci on defense RT. #GoGiants


    @Michael Gainey Bethea is QUADRUPLE garbage 🗑🗑🗑🗑 and old👴 this GFENSE is young and it’s gonna be a fierce force to deal with for some years to come when it’s complete

ryan forde

If it’s a tackle andrew thomas no jedrick

Duron Arnold

Gimme Isaiah Simmons, he falls right in line with what DC Patrick Graham wants on the defense: player and scheme versatility

    Dolphins 2021🔥

    Duron Arnold Patrick Grahm is a decent dc goood luck

    Dolphins 2021🔥

    But Flores was the one preaching on versatility

    Robert Bellamy

    I agree Simmons@4 are trade down💯

    Ian Jones

    @Dolphins 2021🔥 and the DC

Duron Arnold

Andrew Thomas is no longer the lead OT in this draft: Wirfs and Willis are rising rapidly and Thomas is dropping fast

    Ian Lev


    The RightStuff

    And why would that be?? … silly comment

Murdatown Flex 039

As much as I’d want to beef up the O-line, our linebacker core has been terrible for way too long. Having a playmaker like Simmons is the type of building block you need on defense

    Robert Bellamy

    I agree nice pick @4

    Robert Mazzarachio

    Murdatown Flex 039 and as much as I’d love Simmons if the Giants DONT fix both OTs and C Giants Offense will suck farts again there is a way to get Simmons and address the Oline to trade back first with Miami back to 5 after their convinced someone wants their QB we swap #4 for #5&#18 plus a 3 rd round then convince Chargers Raiders want Herbert trade back to #6 plus get a second round then take Simmons at #6 best OT available at 18 a C and big fast WR in second round

    Frank Graham

    Take Simmons and get a Tackle later.

    Robert Bellamy

    It been a while free agency in the second round draft pick…at #4 all go get that LB LT dayz… the right thing

Scott Dorangrichia

Isiah Simmons please like we need him

73 AAA 73

We got to protect our quarterback,so I think we draft the best tackle or tackles in the first and second round… Daniel Jones got hit to many times last year…so we need someone to protect him for the next 10 years…

John Schmidt

Perfect scenario would be trade back to say #6 get extra picks & still get Simmons or your OL of choice

    G Sel

    Dolphins at 5 have multiple 1st round pics. Chargers might offer a good player with the pic but honestly it can become a bidding war between the 2 to make sure they get Tua. Who knows we can even get a 2 thrown into the mix along with the 5or6th pic and another 1(dolphins) or defensive talent(chargers)

    Robert Mazzarachio

    John Schmidt perfect scenario for Giants trade back with Miami to #5 for #5+18+ 3rd round then trade 5 to Chargers for #6 plus 2 nd round this year and a one next year the at #6 take Simmons ,Okudah or Thomas

    G Sel

    @Robert Mazzarachio chargers wouldn’t need our pick if dolphins take tua

    The Mookman

    @Robert Mazzarachio agreed been saying that weeks now

    The Mookman

    @G Sel if they want herbert yes their are teams behind them that like him alot its crazy but after the giants at 4 picks 5,6,7, possibly 9 and 12 are QB needy teams especially oakland but i wouldnt want to drop that far back


My preference would be for the Giants to get an impact player for the D at 4th overall. Isaiah Simmons would be an awesome addition to a Giants defense that can’t cover a TE to save their lives. A lockdown corner or an edge rusher would also work for me. If neither works out, they should trade back and take the best OT on the board. In free agency or later rounds, the Giants have to find a bruising RB to compliment Saquon. Why? Look at how Derrick Henry moves the chains for the Titans and Ryan Tannehill. I really hope that’s the kind of physical football Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge envision!

Flymoolah man 27

Top 5 players I would love to have as a giant, at least one:
Andrew Thomas
Isaiah Simmons
Grant Delpit
AJ espenesa
Chase Young (just because he is the perfect choice but unlikely to get him)

    Lil Perry

    Flymoolah man 27 who is AJ?

    Richard Fu

    Lil Perry Iowa pass rusher

    The RightStuff

    @Lil Perry
    … a top 15 pick.

    Lil Perry

    Thanks for the responses

Flymoolah man 27

I feel like we need to ace this pick at 4, cannot afford to trade down with so much talent in the top 10, we need a tackle or linebacker/defensive end

Gehad Mahmoud

To hear the things Joe Judge said about versatility combined with our glaring need at LB, I say we take Simmons.

Bill McMichael

Must have a game changer on D.

Tommy Ribs

Paul Dottino, aka, Paulie Sunshines!

I’d love to grab one of the following at Number Four:

One of the Top Notch Offensive Tackle prospects
Isiah Simmons OLB – Clemson
Jerry Okudah CB – Ohio State
AJ Epenensa DL – Iowa

Whip Johnson

Oline FIRST! Saquan years are wasting away. Jones needs a solid Oline to avoid those fumbles

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