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BigBlue Productions

He’s decent but idk if he should be payed big money


Very solid player 🔥🔥

Jeffrey Abbey

Best defender on the entire defensive unit

Crafty solid(not missed 1 game) wise great technique only 25yrs young… umm

Giants sign & lock him up for keeps!

The Sports Influencer

So, I heard Ngakoue wants to be a giant.

    mo veezy

    He will want Mack type money

Lil Robux

he was good but NOT worth what we gave for him

    mo veezy

    A 3rd and a 5th I dont think so this guy is better than you guys think

    Bill McMichael

    Lil Robux you are correct, we could have waited till FA to sign him and kept the 3rd and 4th rounder we will now lose due to this dumb trade. Plus we now have zero leverage in the negotiation (overpay anyone!) what a ridiculous move to get a decent but not great DL.

    Bill McMichael

    mo veezy if we sign him (which Gettleman is now forced to do to save face) then it’s a HIGH 3rd rounder this year AND. a fourth rounder next. Thats big draft capital to lose for a guy that can’t get to the QB and is not a game changer.


I cannot believe I was actually arguing with people on Instagram about whether or not he should be traded away which I was completely against. All that contract and money stuff can be dealt with later, but you have to keep a talent like this regardless though!

    Ethan Richards

    talent? LOL

Jawaad Quzoom

Do one for dalivin Tomlinson, one of the most underrated d lineman in the league


This guy suuucks.

Richard Pilhofer

We traded for him so we could get this highlight vid 🔥🔥🔥

Bill McMichael

Giants management giving us the hard sell on Williams. Gettleman has no choice but to sign him or risk looking foolish given the timing and terms of that silly trade. Williams is decent on the run but the numbers don’t add up on pass rush. And that’s what GMen need the most. I hope we don’t overpay yet again for what may be average performance.

    BigBank New York

    Gettleman made a bad decision & will make it worse by maxing him out.

    Mis-Leading Story

    He played a ton as a 3-4 DE. You don’t get sacks as a 3-4 DE. His job wasn’t to get sacks it was to stuff the run. That guy is worth every bit of the trade we made for him. No one on that D Line created more pressure this season than him since he joined. As an interior DLineman/3-4 DE he did an amazing job pressuring the QB and stuffing the run. You want him to be like JPP… He doesn’t play the same position. We didn’t run a 4-3 we ran a 3-4. In a 3-4 your outside linebackers are your pass rushers. Your 3 down lineman are your run stuffers. He did an amazing job, stop looking at your “pass rush numbers” and watch some tape.

Jzach In The Redzone

Do NOT resign this overrated dt.
We are already deep that this position!

Ryan H

Teams rebuilding and he wasnt worth the picks. We could have gotten him now in free agency if we didnt do the trade. I’m for keeping him but not for the amount of money he wants.

Alfonso Gonzales

I’ve been saying this for about 4 yrs now

BigBank New York

wasted 3rd round pick

    mo veezy

    What are you talking about this guy is a versatile defensive lineman it aint all about sacks thats what guys get confused about and with this new coaching staff they can put him in better situations to win might be back in pro bowl next year

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