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Julian Shipp Jr

This does not put a smile on my face

    Tom Evanston


    Asmodeus Thenatos

    We’re going to stomp our feet on the chiefs throats for 3 – 4 hours straight if we play them in the playoffs.

    Raylee Lee

    Damn. I wanted Suggs back home in Bmore. Darn it

    Stephen Curry

    Asmodeus Thenatos 0-2 🥴

    Asmodeus Thenatos

    @Stephen Curry 💤💤💤💤

Alfie The doggo

Dang, one a ravens always a raven. Good luck Suggs.



Danny C

Love me some sizzzzzle wish he could come back.

ryan damon

Let go ravens 💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤


Come on, Chiefs, just had to ruin the moment. Suggs said he only wanted to go with the Ravens, the Chiefs should know that they’re not going to get him

    Association of Free People

    Playin keep away

    Victory Investments

    Blax Niners, Seahawks, Saints, and Chiefs. Chiefs were awarded him because of waiver priority. All 4 teams wanted him.

    Carl Finney

    @Pizza Parker Then let him go sit on his couch and wait for his yellow jacket LMAO that he won’t be playing for the Ravens

    I’m A Legend

    Victory Investments bruh he’s not gonna show up for the Chiefs. He may be on the Chiefs but he isn’t required to go to Chiefs games

    Carl Finney

    @I’m A Legend That’s fine then retire but he won’t be sacking Mahomes this year one way or another

Thepistol offense

Would have great to see him ball out with this team during his last season.

Troy Jones


    NoSwiss AllCheddar

    Belee dat

    Tom Evanston

    Chiefs all day baby


It’s over Suggs. Retire, come back on a 1 day contract and retire in purple.

    zane brown

    Shredder he can’t if he retires before the cheifs season is over then the moment he unretires he still belongs to them

    Ayush Desai

    @zane brown he might come back during the offseason to officially retire


    I totally agree, retire as a RAVEN

Salia Berthe

Ok Chiefs, we were on a friendly cold war but now you guys decided to draw the first blood.
It’s on now!

    C DUB

    Alejandro Rease Marcus Peters is a cancer, you’ll see soon.

    C DUB

    jordan5221 dude every team can come up with a list of why they lost not just your team.


    Ravens didn’t put in a claim bruh

    C DUB

    Jake That’s because they had no chance of getting the claim to go through.


    @Sway Lethal As a longtime Ravens fan, I dont fully disagree with what you’re saying; however, our defense is night-day better than it was with the first four games they played this season. Jimmy Smith was out, our two starting inside linebackers( big liabilities) then have been replaced and upgraded by Fort and Josh Byrnes. Our pass rush needed time to gel as we had lost Zadaruis smith and Suggs. So out pass rusher all the way around is better. And of course, the addition of Marcus Peters. We’re still average against the run, definitely need to upgrade our 3-4 DEs in the offseason/draft but collectively our Ravens D is a hell of a lot better than compared to week 3 when we played you guys. I mean our D is ranked 6th compared to the chiefs 18th ranked D.

Dr Yosef Ben- Jochannan

Bring him home man.

    Rusty Shackelford

    Didn’t you watch the video? It’s too late, he signed with KC.
    Are you slow?

    Dr Yosef Ben- Jochannan

    @Rusty Shackelford no your slow, it’s called speaking enjust. It’s ok you’ll move out your mother garage one day.

Josey Wales

He will retire a Raven that’s all that matters at this point.


He shouldn’t of left to begin with. He’d be here for this amazing run and not watching from the outside. I would love to get him back home to Baltimore where he belongs but really it’s his own fault he’s gone.




    M Osing he wasn’t cut by Baltimore. He was a free agent. He went with the Arizona offer instead if the Baltimore offer because Arizona was a little better money wise but he’d be closer to family and to wear he grew up. I can’t blame his decision. But the fact is that he didn’t think the Ravens would be knocking on the door of another super bowl and making history along the way. Had he thought the Ravens would be this awesome he would’ve stayed.

    All dolled up in gabardine

    @drsimmons74 Well said, he could of stayed but didn’t.. if the Ravens were 5-8 he wouldn’t wanna come back

    Joey_ Breezy

    Well at least he has a superbowl under his belt

Mitchell Brown

I want him to come home win the bowl than ride out like Ray

    Tom Evanston

    He will win one like ray jus with the chiiiiiefs

    xx cc

    ravens arent getting past the Chiefs. Mahomes already 2-0 vs lamar and that was with a joke defense. we now have a top 5 defense so lots of luck bud

    Dakota Jones

    @xx cc our defense was an even bigger joke last time we played. a LOT has changed since then on that side of the ball

    Mitchell Brown

    @xx cc yeah well if you have not noticed when we played this year my D was trash as well now mi e is top 5 with the MVP of the league and and 11-2 record remind me whats the chiefs record again? I hope we meet again in the playoffs

Paul Mcgrady

Call me selfish but I still wanted r boy home where he belongs but he’ll always b a Raven just like when Ed left we all knew where his heart was 410💯 but they deserve that last payday so do u Sizzle we’ll b here 4 the Ring of honor

    Paul Mcgrady

    @SirReznor facts bruh

    Paul Mcgrady

    @Dave R like I said!!! He wanted his last payday n he deserves 2 get paid but if u kno anything Sizzle said himself he regrets leaving here just like most players do when they leave Bmore

    Paul Mcgrady

    @Benhti Hunter u sound really stupid so I wont ever respond 2 u dummy 💯

    Paul Mcgrady

    @hezo melo he did n the jets 4 a hot second but still 2 this day Ed still @ Ravens games n is a Raven 4 life

    Paul Mcgrady

    Let me b clear we didn’t need Sizzle bc we r already the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!!!! N that’s a Fact but me personally think he deserves this superbowl ride wit us but he gnna have 2 watch us this time unfortunately…Lamarvelous 4 MVP 💯
    Btw Suggs still got his Ravens SB ring 2012..(a lil known fact) the Ravens still the ONLY team in NFL that’s undefeated in SB 2-0 baby 🤫🤫🤫🤫 LOOK IT UP😎😎✌

Jason Shea

The chiefs are the team im worried about regardless of suggs

    Jack Cronin

    Jason Shea Fr their the only team that has proven they can take down Baltimore

    Jason Shea

    Im sure the Ravens would love another shot at them

Rollo Tomasi

Love the Sizzle…..wish we still had him, but wish him the best of luck in whatever he does…..and I pray he retires a Baltimore Raven…..!!!!!!

Tech Unboxing Videos

I’m a huge fan of Terrell Suggs

Joe Taylor

Nostalgia purposes it makes sense but realistically we don’t need him


This whole “the Ravens are already good” line I keep hearing is true … Suggs makes them even better. Nobody is disrespecting the guys currently on the roster, but we also have people who aren’t even getting playing time. Suggs’ football IQ, experience and the fact he is still playing at a high level would have been a big boost to our defense. Ravens D is still having issues containing running backs.

I knew he wouldn’t make it through Waivers to us, but my purple/black heart was still hoping. At least he wasn’t claimed by the Browns, Steelers or Patriots. As for KC … they’re on my list now … better sleep with one eye open. lol


Just let T-Sizzle come home, even if he sits the bench or hands out water. I respected the Chiefs, but then they do this to us, gonna be a war for the AFC.

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