Coach Harbaugh: We Expect to Earn Whatever We Get – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Harbaugh: We Expect to Earn Whatever We Get

Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about not getting playoff help this weekend, the team's defensive improvement since Week 4, the Browns' offensive weapons and more.

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Sloppy Jo

Let’s go! 1 seed all the way!

    Derek Frank

    this game is gonna be a revenge game

    Everett James

    Its gonna be tough. But we got to get it done. And leave healthy

Ben Valenzuela

1st… what we want after this season

Courtney Smith


    Lion Thomas


get real

Best record in the NFL

get real

Everyone of these press conference’s you can’t hear or understand what most of the people ask


    I have to turn the volume all the way up to 100. If you’re on PC you can also turn the master volume up.


    im usually on my PC.. i put my headphones on and i can hear them because they put their audio into 2 channels instead on 1


    I’ve said it before. Nobody cares. Listen Harder.

aaron gross

B-more born and raised proud Homer been a fan since before the team had a name


    I was 6 when we won our first superbowl. I remeber my dad still being too mad about the Colts leaving to enjoy football, but the rest of my family accepted them as the new home team haha

    King chato 305

    Cody chiefs nation baby

    glenn curry

    So how were you able to do that ? No team, is even a team, before their actually a named. That’s what makes them the ravens. When has there ever been a football organization that doesn’t have a name. I’ve followed them from the beginning. And all I recall is them asking for suggestions on the loco for the team. But never any question about what the name would be. Go Ravens. Go Lamar..

    P J

    @glenn curry The Ravens were originally the Browns. The owner moved them to Baltimore where the Colts were. There was a contest and that’s how they became the Ravens. Fan since ’98 over here.


Coach looks serious

    Angela Hester

    40buster32 I saw that too. Probably upset about special teams performance this past game. I have a feeling they are going to beat the brakes off the Browns this weekend.


The bandwagon is strong. I keep watching the sub for the Raven’s channel keep growing 😂

    King Darius

    GoldLion198 I’ve been a ravens fan all my life I was born in 2002 all I’m saying is I just been watch thier YouTube channel and it hasn’t had this many subs


    @King Darius the Ravens have always been a great team I’m glad you’re a fan

    King Darius

    GoldLion198 glad you’re a fan too n I know !

    Masio Mob

    Im a Detroit lions fan But I’m a lamar jackson fan also, which makes me root for the ravens. No bandwagon tho

Robert Townsend

Coach locked in

Don Wayne

If what sugss said is really true about him not playing for anyone but the ravens, I see why chiefs would pick him up so we couldn’t get him back, chess move showing kc scared of the flock!

    ManBearPig YT


    Vonte Boyd

    Suggs will report….he gets over 350k and guaranteed playoff appearance….I don’t blame him

Tommy Longerbeam

I been a fan of the ravens since 1996 , through ups and downs , let’s get the #1 seed this weekend against the browns!!

    Darryl West

    Me too! I was in Memorial Stadium watching Testaverde stinking up the joint.

Grayice 666

Thanks for turning up the reporter’s mic’s!!!!

Darren Thorpe

I love Harbs, but in this interview he looks like we’re currently 2-12 haha. Cheer up John, you’re coaching the best team in the NFL


    focus in success can be hard at times ..don’t want to take teams lightly, but you are right he looks like he lost his best friend 😊


    We ain’t done nothing yet!👿

    Alix Richemond

    That man is focused. His goal of a superbowl is one step closer. I commend him for having such sharp focus despite all of the success.

    Alex Jones

    No he’s not. You don’t know who’s the best. I want to see Lamar and Ravens win it all but other teams are good too. Be humble


Give Suggs a 1 day contract and retire him

N. Johnson

Oh my word they have finally turned the mics ups for the reporters

anthony cooper

John Harbaugh, Thank you for your change of approaching people as people.Treating players as players and showing the love of team. Not treating people as a business and understanding the root of men. The love and respect you exhibit shows the strength and direction to achieve the goals you set. My prayer is that you get ” Coach of the Year” Thank you John a man with leadership, vision, passion, and a true Father figure as well. Again Thank you. From a Raven Fan in South Carolina. Raven’s on 3, Raven’s. Oh grew up in Baltimore. Poplar Grove & Edmondson Ave. Worked as a shoe shine boy in 1970 at Lexington Market with my Grandfather who rang the bell. Mr. James B.Carpenter Army/Navy Vet Go Navy. 16years. 12/16/19 If you can get 2 Tickets for the Super Bowl for me at 61 years old that would make life and me smile.


Harbs is on another level right now. Dude just gets it.


Talking of Nick Chubb, “He’s got a really good sidekick” (Hunt). Interesting choice of words.

    Johnnie Green

    Kailuakid 😂😂

Sang Nguyen

We need to be smart with our plays in offense and defense let Lamar Jackson play his way don’t try to copy another team’s play style.

Baron R

Browns are good team talent wise. Their roster is pretty impressive.

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