Final Drive: Lamar Jackson Draws Huge Crowd on Trip to Mall – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Final Drive: Lamar Jackson Draws Huge Crowd on Trip to Mall

Quarterback Lamar Jackson attracted a huge crowd when he took a trip to the mall, and teammate Seth Roberts said it was unlike anything he had ever seen.

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Augie N.

The Ravens fan base is amazing and so is Lamar.

    ricky dedos

    Haha you mean the ones that were booing him last year calling for Flacco?


    I’m from Denver and lived in Baltimore in the early 2010s and I can attest that the only people more annoying then an Eagles fan is Ravens fan and no I’m not just bitter about losing in the AFC championship to them the year they won the SB.

    tiffany a

    im a Pittsburgh fan but lamar is amazing

    Warren Holly

    Thank you!!!

    Warren Holly

    @ricky dedos this is still America racism is everywhere but we have people buying from all around the area black people knew about flacco being washed up years ago so did harbaugh

F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

Lol he can’t even go to the mall without getting crowded but that’s fan love


    F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584 the hell? That comes with celebrity status

    F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

    Doggo you’re right


😂 this is crazy, putting Baltimore on the map


    And, in a very good way

Julian Shipp Jr

That’s our Quarterback!!!!!!


    @Julian Shipp Jr
    You better know it, J


    Keep that same energy if y’all have a losing season… Keep that

    Berry Tharp

    Exactly. Which is why it is troubling he is allowed so exposed. He should only travel in a large environmentally controlled bubble, protected and isolated from any harm.


Wonder how many ankles he took in the mall tryin to get away lol

    C Taylor


    Publius Cornelius Scipio

    What do you mean by ankles? Sounds like a sexual saying.

    Dropoff HD

    Bout 40 lol

    -Can Ameri-

    So there is a way to slow Lamar after all. 😂


I just hope Lamar spends his whole career with the Ravens.


    Great Houdini hopefully greed doesn’t take a hold of him

    J Black

    G no he needs to come to the Falcons

    william carter

    G In todays world the word loyalty is almost a joke we aren’t loyalty for the sake of true loyalty its all the money .. However !! Mr. Jackson is a different kind of cat you can hear in his voice and you can see it in his demeaner he’s loyal and has integrity to a fault [[ rarer than flying dinosaurs ]] an unless the Ravens screw him over most likely he’ll be raven for life …


    I hope so. The Ravens offense is built around him after all

    Nate The Great

    G Ravens will never let him go

Dalton Exline

Lamar is like Michael Jackson of football now 🤘🤘

    XVR Hydra

    IJeffChiefsKingdom um best record in the nfl? but ok

    R.J. Barrett

    Shaun Michael that mvp will last long

    Kirk Cousins is Trash #4-26 against winnig teams

    Shaun Michael ok white boy stay mad

    E- Clipse

    @Shaun Michael angry white boy spotted

Sam Dath

I feel so sorry for Lamar but when you the M V P no wonder go ravens

Sang Nguyen

That’s our quarterback let him do his thing at the mall.

Michael ja

And I bet u lamar is still focus on getting that superbowl

    That1Chucky Yt

    Michael ja FACTS💯



    Sean O'Meara

    Bele dat…… someone had to say it. MVP


    I bet Lamar flops, and the Ravens will be one-and-done.

Oui Bay

Lamar please dont go out in public like that, its alot of haters out there!

    Howard Rice

    Oui Bay you tripping if you think he moving without somebody ready to take care of stuff

    Oui Bay

    Howard Rice tell that to JFK, Reagan, Bhutto, biggie, pac, etc

    Rob Lena

    I agree, ravens probably going to start giving him body guards

    Oui Bay

    Rob Lena he’s walking around with a house around his neck.. just ain’t smart… evil world we live in, hopefully the OG’a will pull his coat… he’s the biggest sports star besides Lebron right now. Gotta be smart

    Bob Fole

    @Oui Bay damn bro let Benazir Bhutto rest

Afro Samurai

Never saw this for a football player


    @SryWutDAFuq if brady goes to the mall no one would even recognize him

    Jack White

    moz_boxing are you high? Have you seen Tom Brady? When you see a professional athlete you will know trust me. He’s a giant.

    Jason Kendrick

    It was a rookie mistake. Buy everything online when your a celebrity. I love this kid though, very humble, loves the game, and always trying to improve.

    Tony fast

    Joe Namath


    I met dalvin cook at the mall yesterday


I Hope he is being smart and had some security with him.


    Jay Exactly.

    A J C Sr

    Hope he’s not walking the streets of Bmore wearing his Mr Tee starter kit ! 😎

    ty scott

    You can see the security escort him in the video

Digital LHM

Being a fan is one thing, but ppl have to chill TF out.

    H S

    Exactly. Folk will turn someone into an idol in a second. The first commandment is to NOT have any idols/gods [other gods] before THE CREATOR GOD. Not having graven images of what folk THINK GOD looks like, anything/anyone on earth nor in the sea, nor beneath it. Wearing folk’s faces on shirts , whether folk want to believe it or not, is creating them as an idol. Folk take things too far. Too much of it will eventually wear him out. He is only flesh and blood. The thing that is fun and joyful will eventually become burdensome because folk will require to much of him as if he is a god though folk deny this is what they are doing/will do.

    I saw a video where a little girl received a Lamar Jersey for Christmas, and she had a deep, deep, soul cry, and said she loved him. I was like, “She doesn’t even know him.” Her parents have created and co-signed this idolatry. He did not make himself and idol. People are making him an idol. This young man doesn’t say anything other than, basically, we are a team, here to do a job, we want a superbowl, and folk have lost their minds. Folk create gods out of men and women ALL THE TIME.

    What is really weird is that, in the U.S., black-American athletes been “shaking and baking” [not called jukeing], breaking ankles, been fleet-of-foot, been the swag/flavor of the U.S. waaaaay before Lamar was born. He is doing what most professional black -American athletes do. This is why they have been, for most of their time in the U.S., kept out of things. They take it to another level. Why are Americans acting brand new, pretending they have not seen this type of athleticism out of the black-American athlete before?

    Association of Free People

    H S you’re silly if you think Lamar is a run of the mill athlete. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

    H S

    @Association of Free People Whatever type of athlete you consider him to be, whether you want to rewrite U.S. history regarding the black American athlete, does not warrant any man being idolized or diefied. Ancient and recent history confirms that folk’s worship of people because of their gifts and talents has, too often, ended in the followers/idolators tearing them down eventually.

Malcolm Sanders

Hey he was at the Louisville football game last month and we did not mob him , because we have been looking at him for 3 years doing the same thing he is doing in the NFL now

    Jerome Dixon

    @Sir Uppercrust III what the hell are you talking about nobody said anything about someone better than one

    Jerome Dixon

    @Sir Uppercrust III just talking about football bor

    Thanos Aldren

    @Sir Uppercrust III with that attitude why watch these videos on YouTube? He’s just a human being like everyone else. he’s just trying to live his life like everyone else….hypocrisy

    Jerome Dixon

    @Thanos Aldren 👀

    Sir Uppercrust III

    Marc Bryant you must be the groupie that follows grown men around hoping for a picture. Gtfo my face

CP 9301

I love the guy and wish him nothing but good with or without the crowds. He’s the real deal and I hope nobody takes advantage of his good nature.


One of the most annoying things about being famous no personal space

    Vossler Henrick

    this is why you wear a disguise lmao


    Did you lose your personal space, J B?

    jahiem jenkins

    Reason I always say I never want to be famous just wealthy.

Rick S

It’s only going to get worse he’s an approachable famous humble guy. May need to invest in some security.

    John Azike Jr

    Yea gotta protect him from the vultures, people are gonna try to take advantage of his kindness

    The Jack Rabbit

    Yeah he gonna bring his o line with him every where he goes 😂

    Guillermo Montero

    @The Jack Rabbit Best comment😂😂😂

    bacon burger on your mom's booty

    Time to give a new contract so he can afford it

Quest Tech

Surprised Daniel Synder didn’t send his goons there to reclaim his territory.

corey sank

Lamar Jackson is a complete Class Act. He’s definitely humble and respectful. Props to his mom for staying by his side and raising a great young man. #NotBadForArunningback

    Stephen Casper

    @Cougar Lady1 Ok, lady. 👍


    @Stephen Casper You can either prove that he’s the most cocky, arrogant, and least humble player, or just state it’s your opinion.

    Stephen Casper

    @Braylen That’s easy. Watch every game he’s ever played. Excessive celebrations, taunting players during the play, etc. It isn’t hard to see, when you aren’t blinded by bias and stupidity.


    @Stephen Casper He’s never gotten a penalty for excessive celebrations. As far as taunting, can’t find any games of it. Show me some evidence, otherwise I’d think you were stating your opinion. Oh, and ad hominem isn’t proof either.

    Stephen Casper

    @Braylen I don’t think you know what ad hominem is. I never made an attack on you, as a point to my argument. I added at the end, and even that wasn’t explicit. Otherwise, me calling Jackson’s character into question is there subject of my complaint. But hey, nice attempt at sounding intelligent. You almost had it!

    Also, I cannot make you see something you don’t want to see. They rarely flag QB’s for anything like that, and you’re obviously biased towards LJ. I don’t really hate him, or even care that much. But he’s certainly not humble. You simply got butthurt since you saw someone who didn’t worship your savior. Either way, Happy New Year, kiddo!

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