100-Year-Old World War II Veteran Speaks to Team After Practice | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

100-Year-Old World War II Veteran Speaks to Team After Practice | Baltimore Ravens

Steve Melnikoff visited practice to speak with the team about his journey from being a solider who fought on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day during World War II.

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Julian Shipp Jr

Much respect to the Veterans ✊🏾

F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

We appreciate him and our team

Shente Massenburg


Sloppy Jo

Damn, 100 and can talk better then most elderly in their 80s

    Dean Robin

    Most teens tbh 😂

    Anthony Okafor

    @Dean Robin preach lol

Mister Lee

How cool is it that Harbaugh is rocking Lamar apparel💯👍🏿


    He knows what’s gonna keep his job safe for a decade or so

    Mister Lee

    @eternalselph facts.

    kevin veney

    Dont think I’ve ever seen a coach rock a player’s line

    Gravity /:

    I’m wearing a Lamar jersey

the legendztruth

100 year old war hero has taken very good care himself over the years. Tough man, much respect.

    King Oscar

    the legendztruth he looks great for 100

Austicus 1000

OG Vet 💜💯

Patrick Davis

Big Truss, fight em !!!! Leggoo !!!!

Tony Webster

God Bless our Vets, the City of Baltimore and our Ravens!!!!


This man looks like he’s maybe 75 damn I hope I look that good if I ever hit 100 lol

kid with a smug hat

He’s 100 tears old? Ok ok respect

    Anthony Okafor


Kid Hazel

ya’ll think they said big truss in Normandy

    GoodVibes Harambe

    This comment is gold lol


    Kid Hazel of course , they invaded using boats as well and if they saw an enemy on a giant ship they probably were yelling “BIG TRUSS HEADED SOUTH” 😂👌🏼 *truss is the frame of a boat


    Nah man they were old timey. They probably said “large trust”


*Thank you for your service!*
The sacrifice of many will not be forgotten.🇺🇸

*Go Ravens!*

Malcolm Sanders

That lets you know that the ravens will win the super bowl in February


That’s a man’s man right there. Nothing but respect for him.

Yuh Huy

He’s the baddest man standing in that group.


That’s a man that has enough stories to write a million page book on. Let’s win it for him

kiyan west

War vet “There was no New England Patriots around so i hate em”

Ravens: yea !!


That man is 100 and looks and sounds better than people I know in their 50s

Ben Valenzuela

He looks healthy for 100, hope he has many more years still!

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