Film Room: Breaking Down Sterling Shepard’s 2019 Season | Inside the Film Room – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kid Lax

I love the giants so much🏈

Michele Monae

Love this guy. He’s only gonna get better. Go giants.

BW 12

Love our #87 !!


That man is a beast we are going to be very dangerous in the wide receiver side..Juan bx n.y.

Big Blue Squad

The best player ability is availability. I hope Shep & Engram play all 16 games this year because both have a lot of potential that is being held back by injures the last 3 years.

    David Riedy

    Yes I concur

    Fernando Soto

    You obviously know nothing about the giants with that comment

    Big Blue Squad

    C Will Lol these little kids man. Dont have a clue what their talking about. Must be new to NYG lol

    Big Blue Squad

    Fernando Soto Little kids like you need to do their Homework

    19 = 10 games played
    17 = 10 games played

    19 = 8 games played
    18 = 11 games played
    17 = 15 games played


Always injured . but plays with alot of hart ❤.


I love Shepard but we took him before Michael Thomas rip

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