Fangio on Drew Lock’s performance vs. Chiefs: ‘I think it’s a game… that he can bank & learn from’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Christopher Camden


RaiderHater 30

I really hope the broncos don’t give up on Drew Lock the poor kid had no time in the backfield!


    Bobby Tucker then go root for a different team. If you can’t be a loyal fan through the tough times you don’t deserve to be here for the good times. The fanbase doesn’t need fans like you

    Troy Remy

    @Bobby Tucker
    The Broncos are bad for your health? Good lord. Find a new hobby then you over dramatic princess. We dont want fans like you.


    @Bobby Tucker what? If the Broncos have an impact on you health, that’s on you lol. Change the channel, change which team you support. The victim mentality is bad for your health! Smh my goodness 🤦‍♀️


    I’ll always be here for my team. We found our QB but unfortunately it takes a team and that team that didn’t show up. All in time my peeps! 🔥💯

    Atelier Studios

    Exactly! One crap game so I hope they don’t throw him away too

Bernard Evans

Its bern a tough year but i like the direction we are headed…elway must resign key free agents like sheby and justin and just try to build depth through the draft and free agency

Willard Axtell

Drew lock was not the problem today… It was the worst play calling I’ve seen out of offensive coach in my forty six years of watching them.. and what the hell Vic five runs with our bigger back Freeman..who puts in a light weight running back in them conditions… I understand the defensive problems.. I’m so disappointed in the play calling.

    Maverick Crappa

    I agree

    James Brown

    Ya because he was dominating

    Atelier Studios

    That is such a good point

Jerome Schulze

Miller and harris need to go!! Bring in new blood who want to ball out!! Nobody deserves a pay day!! Nobody!!

    Tony Flamingo

    Bobby Tucker you’re saying that you would trade a top ten player every year so you can replace him with 3 guys

    Tim H

    @Bobby Tucker I can back that up…I’ve got an NSX (the Michael Thomas of receivers) 🙂

    Bobby Tucker

    @Tony Flamingo every year no no no just miller and it doesn’t even have to be for someone on defense we got chubb so …….. Denver needs to fire elway and trade all these washed up no good players and start a real rebuild by trading players ….get something in the draft then lose out next year to get the next nfl god trevor Laurence in 2021 then at that point Broncos become unstoppable trust me its fool proof

    Tony Flamingo

    Bobby Tucker if we have chub and miller that would force qbs to get rid of the ball sooner therefore increasingly the possibility of a pick or incomplete pass. So I’m my opinion we should get rid of yadam to get a new LT. at that point corner would be a issue because callihan will be healthy again

    Akai !

    @Bobby Tucker is it a good Idea to trade Von for Aaron Donald?

Dracarys Dothraki

Looked like we never played in snow before….that’s scary!


    @ORANGE HIGHLIGHTS you only had a run because you someone got one of the best QB ever to play the game. Denver is trash stop it. Von wants out. Denver sold their soul for manning Got you 1 Ring but Now Reap it.


    shane lmao what😂😂😂. Kind of hard to take u serious when u clearly have no clue what you’re talking ab. That’s hilarious


    We won a SB in and we still got the trophy

    kwilson Eyes

    @shane manning DID NOT bring up a super bowl. The defense brought manning a superbowl. Your one of those people who do not understand the game of football. Go play madden ho

    Atelier Studios

    Yes, being from Denver.

Maverick Crappa

there’s always next year 🙂

Tim H

Poor in the snow + too many injuries + non existent running game = easy Chiefs win!

Sam Watkins

On to the super bowl.

    Cory Sheda

    Yeah right

    Troy Remy

    You realize the broncos are out of playoff contention, right?

AC Babel Gates

KC Does nothing with these Divisions Titles!

    justin rogers

    @James Brown 50 plus years no ring I don’t believe you are one to talk. Good luck keeping all your talent. once u pay mahomes most of it goes away.


    @James Brown One without Tyreek Hill!

    Tom Gow

    shane very much a lie, hill under contract and kelce. The only big contract KC needs to get done is Jones but it can easily be fit in with Mahomes with the new cap salary

    KingL7 7LKing

    KC gotta win or it won’t matter if you win the division lol in the last 20 yrs Denver has 3 Super bowls and 4 appearances, how many does KC have 0, I will say KC should get one but if you don’t who cares about division titles????


    A a chiefs fan you have a point .Titles matter and the chiefs need to put up and shut em up. Titles and winning seasons mean nothing ultimately if there are no SB rings . The west used to be a powerhouse .While denver is a rival id rather the west was at stength vs beating on rebuilding teams and thinking chiefs are superior . some chiefs fans *smdh* remember we have had years of doldrums .It takes 1 bad play for alot to change. Leave the arrogance to pats fans

Clayton Wolfer

Enjoy 7-9 Broncos

Clayton Wolfer

We own you


    Clayton Wolfer when was the last time the Chiefs won a super bowl again…? Oh that’s right. 1970. Y’all haven’t been a successful franchise in nearly 50 years. Enjoy this little run you’ve been on because if the Chiefs way continues it won’t lead to anything

Prospecting With Disabilities

Can anyone tell me why the clock didn’t stop when Denver would catch or run out of bounds ? If anyone else wants to know what I’m talking about check out the run from Freeman for a first down at 5:30 seconds left in the fourth Quarter ??

    Tanner Rosenberg

    It’s a rule change from not very long ago. A lot of people have asked that this year

    Prospecting With Disabilities

    @Tanner Rosenberg oh okay thanks !

    Prospecting With Disabilities

    @Tanner Rosenberg one thing that dont make since then is why did the clock stop for the Chiefs before the half? Where can I find this rule ?


    Prospecting With Disabilities so long as forward progress is made by the offense, they can stop the clock by going out-of-bounds when there are 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter or 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Penalties on the defense will also stop the clock.

James Brown



Why does Vic always seem like everything is ok. Broncos scored only 3pts! We haven’t had a decent offense since 2014. We found a QB he played solid but the play calling and the miss use of personel continues to be a major problem.

    Patrick Smith

    Because this team is young and he knows that everything will be better soon. You want him to be up there cursing and being disrespectful to his players and the media?

Thomas Dowd

We need a line period, no more excuses

Kevin Wu

I think my only problem with this coaching staff is that it seem’s they’ve never prepared for a 2 minute drill with either the defense or offense. When the offense does click, it’s usually for super long, 10+ play methodical drives. Never seen them do a quick drive like I’ve seen last year with Keenum. As with the defense, I suppose it’s the super complicated playcalls, but they too also don’t usually play well when an offense is in hurry up mode.


Uhhh…the Chiefs have a defense now, LOOKOUT!

    Prospecting With Disabilities

    The Chiefs defense are getting good at holding and paying the refs bro watch the game over and look at all the no calls in the game for both teams and tell me what you see

justin shelton

Ol sleepy grandpa mode

Joshua Smith

Drew is a spectacular QB. As A Kansas City Native im very hopeful Denver has a great man with a great arm. Give Vic some time. Im far more worried about the Broncos than the raid girls or chargers

    Prospecting With Disabilities

    Here’s a scary thought broncos and Chiefs fans are fighting over who wins the division next year watch the Raiders win it that would suck lol

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