Drew Lock after loss to Chiefs: ‘We got our butts kicked today’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

It’s ok growing pains our team had a lot of guys injured on defense the @Chiefs have the better team. But that’s the nfl you either get better or you move out the way cause there is always someone gunning for your job. Go Broncos ☝🏽🐴🏈🏆🏆🏆


    @Bobby Parks
    Maybe if you didn’t sound like English was your 15th language then I would understand. Also try making an actual good joke.

    Either way, they weren’t ready because they just weren’t. Didn’t train in heavy snow and didn’t anticipate how it would feel to run, catch, or track the ball in it.

    David Padilla

    Lol rhino


    @Terps &Pinstripes
    I do too. I can handle Sanders because he’s doing well but the way DT left pissed me off. We screwed him over.

    Either way it sucks but we had to move on eventually. Sutton is our #1 and once we get another speed guy like Sanders then everything will get better.

    Completely Lucid

    You know anyone named Bobby has already had parents that have failed them lol

Teresa Mack

It sucks to lose (even though I was fairly sure that we were going to lose this game) but this could be a good lesson and feeling for Lock if he allows it to be. To me getting this type of lesson early on in his career in a season that was long ago lost anyway could be a positive thing.

Jin O

I’m confident he’ll learn from playing in these conditions in a hostile environment…the experience will serve him well in the future

    Malid jibril

    Thank u, it’s all a learning experience…kid will be fine

oh ok



    We also need improvements in our secondary because we keep getting burned especially by tyreek hill

    Derrick Stinnett

    @See Yourself Happy most of the bad choices I seen as trying to make something outa nothing. Nobody in Broncos country wants to use the “R” word but this is the first serious rebuild since Payton left. It’ll be a few years before the horse gets its legs underneath it again but it’ll happen

    Derrick Stinnett

    @PBthe18 In there defense he is one of the fastest people in the NFL but I do agree with you there.

    See Yourself Happy

    @Derrick Stinnett If you aren’t making the playoffs you are rebuilding in general…..


    @The Reaper
    Did you even watch the game?

Reve Kalell


Dracarys Dothraki

Gotta play better in the snow they live in it and should be working for them

Tanner Aitken

It’s all good I didn’t expect us to win this one. Drew played like a rookie who’s learning I still have hope for next season

    SlayiX Ry

    Chief here, Lock is honestly showing to be a really good QB, I’d say this game doesn’t show his true skill. I remember driving to Columbia on nights this guy played at Mizzou. He’s definitely an improvement from Flacco

    Hunter Livie

    @The Reaper His first two starts say otherwise. There was 7 inches of snow falling, but yes, he needs to grow and learn how to adapt to different situations. We need to get him a better oline and a number 2 receiver

    The Reaper

    Hunter Livie nothing new that an eager QB get off to a hot start. Drew Lock depends on a great OL and great WRs to give him any type of chance. His game doesn’t extend any further than that.

    Hunter Livie

    @The Reaper He doesn’t have a great oline. And he has one good receiver?


    The Reaper, is he supposed to run for TD’s on every play? Lay off the salt, dude 😂😂😂

Kahoochi Moochi

This is the Denver Broncos quarterback, 👍🏻.

    Professor Rex

    Kahoochi Moochi that’s what the broncos fans say all the time


It’s ok! I’m still excited for the Broncos future! We got next week at home 😊

    tiny rick

    @Bobby Parks 3-10-1 my guy

    Bobby Parks

    @tiny rick I am not a Lions fan just saying the Lions going to smash Denver next week

    David Padilla

    Bobby parks whatever your smoking you should put the pipe down. This kid is the real deal

    Bobby Parks

    @David Padilla lol you’ll see ….time will show stupid people lock is a bust


    @Bobby Parks yea the Texans thought that too.

David Chavez

Half our team was injured not even mad

    Quentin Carter

    Half the team was injured going into the game that didn’t stop him from big mouthing pregame.

Nathan Peoples

I am a diehard Chiefs fan. But I am very optimistic for Lock. He’s a good kid. He’ll get better.
Next year I have a feeling the AFC West will be amazing to watch Mahomes vs Lock. I like seeing 2 good QBs against each other. Good luck Broncos for the rest of your year!


    Nathan Peoples it makes me think of the Manning-Brady games those were the times


    @Skept Chiefs fan here….I’d pay to watch Mahomes-Manning! I could wish.


    Man can I like this comment multiple times

Slim is chillin

This chiefs fan loves Drew Lock

    Shana Jennings

    I almost had a hard time rooting against Drew today. So many games rooting for him at the M-I-Z.


Don’t sweat it rookie it’s your first time against the CHIEFS at Arrowhead stadium it ain’t easy.


Drew go roughed up by his offensive line…. Kid stood tall and didn’t quit slinging them, his team didn’t help him any today.

Mark Cunningham

Long time Chiefs fan here, but I agree with Andy, a guy like this is good for the NFL. I hope he makes it.

Aye D

Loving our new QB I still feel great and feel confident going into next season with Drew at helm! Let’s go Broncos country! 🐴!

Bruce Banner

CHIEFSFAN here it was hard not going for Drew today after all the MIZZOU games he played for us but he has always been a CHIEFS FAN and sure he gets it . Keep that head Drew

The Discussion

I’ve never been more sure of a QB for the Broncos post Peyton than I am about Drew.


Gotta love how he handles himself. Wise beyond his years. Zero change in opinion here, lock is the Man!

Junior Fuiava

as a chiefs fan watching this kid play at mu, im a huge fan of him and always will be. i wish him nothing but success in the nfl.

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