Fangio: ‘I think positive energy from the way you finished the year before sometimes can carry over’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Fernando Cárdenas

Go broncos

Fernando Cárdenas

First coment

Swagy Boi

No donkies

    pj on mobile

    A Donkie and a horse are totally different so that doesn’t make sense


    Queefs and chiefs are not the same either, however, that’s what Kansas City Queefs are.

XxPantherxX Papesh

Im one of the first

jesus olguin

We need a second receiver behind courtland Tim is inconsistent id take shenault at 11 in the draft

    GT Venom

    Ceedee Lamb or Henry Ruggs

    SCU Productions

    Listen we can’t say what would be stupid and what wouldn’t be at 11. What if the broncos sign like Amari Cooper? Or let’s say that Jeudy, Lamb, and Ruggs all have been taken. Then what’s stupid.


    @SCU Productions if all 3 of those players have been taken then that means the top receivers are off the board, so you should look to another position and see if somebody like Andrew Thomas is still available or trade down if you really want another receiver.

    SCU Productions

    @Shake im saying that since free agency and resigning has to happen, nothing is stupid. And also Laviska is a top round wide receiver.


    @SCU Productions laviska is not a top 15player in this draft, if we want him awe should trade down. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him picked in the 2nd round.

pj on mobile

I get this vibe like a good vibe from him but with Vance I was always scared but with vic no

Hunter Rhea

Joe is getting his spot taken by a rookie 2 years in a row

    Binx Negale

    Haha the way it should be he’s washed up bro.


    Yessssir 💯🔥


    kuna coins



I’m not sure about y’all but fangio feels like a “broncos” coach


    –, I’m excited for the offseason and 2020 draft, along with Free Agency! GO BRONCOS 🔥❤️

sevon villa

Yo Broncos and drew lock

    sevon villa


Zwagger 19

I like Fangio I hope he succeeds here


GO BRONCOS and I have to disagree with Fangio I believe Bolles is an issue and will not stop holding. Showing up every day doesn’t change the non stop holding and the fact he didn’t own up to the holding. He said he doesn’t agree with the entire league and analysts.


    turtle4614, I think he’ll be here next year. Would he be a better fit if they mixed him around?


I love Vic!!!!

Klaus Klaus

I would have watched with coach fangio :/

daniel guth

Fangio gives me hope for next year.
He definitely can get the most out of defensive players, and Scang looks like one hell of a offensive coordinator. (The Run Option flip to Lindsey got a WAHOO from me during game time..)
Add in Lock and we got ourselves a playoff bound team in 2020.

Deon Smithh


    justin rogers

    I said same thing with ruggs or CD lamb. Also need to target cb and oline. Harris probably gone this offseason.

    Deon Smithh

    @justin rogers yeah we need two corners two tackles and wr I think were good at lb with Aj Johnson

    Deon Smithh

    @Alvin Cly true but a burner at wide out will be scary !

    Alvin Cly

    Deon Smithh for sure!

    justin rogers

    A punter would also be nice.


Would love to see us wrap up Oakland at home. Let’s go get it my Gents!

#LockEra 🐴🐔🔒
#DB4L 🔥


I like our HC. He’s for certain, an NFL / HC, & next season he and the staff will be so much more at ease w3ith all that is involved. Keep him! ——————–and ” Scangs ” ! ——————————–WolfSky9, 73 y/o


Vic is the Man, but Die-Hard absolutely is a Christmas movie.

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