Drew Lock on his approach to the offseason: ‘I’m going to approach it like I’m the guy’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Jazz Trav

    lol, like that guy


Drew lock is the guy


He is the guy next season at this point and as long as his trajectory points up he should stay the guy for a long time.

Ralph Sanchez

We finally got a QB, let’s rebuild this offseason and get back into contention! #DB4L

Hunter Livie


YaBoi Jacob

That’s our QB


Build. Around. This. Man.

Uso Penitentiary

I can respect the fact that he wants to get together with his receivers to build chemistry during the offseason. Don’t think we’ve had a QB with that type of mindset since Peyton was the guy.


Y’all remember this one guy who would always be commenting on every drew lock video saying he was trash and for some reason was in love with rypien I wonder what happen to him 😂


    Probably a conference rival fan lmao.

    The Discussion

    Opethian no lol that’s the thing. The dude he’s referring to is apparently a Broncos fan 😂

    Conner Wenthe

    @The Discussion he probably likes the chiefs

    AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER

    @Conner Wenthe … I am born and raised in Missouri (the good side Eastern) and from my side of Missouri, we are not Chief’s fans, but we are Drew Lock fans and Missouri Tigers fans. So having said that, go Broncos, as long as Drew is your quarterback. Beat the Raiders Drew and tear it up next season !!!

    Conner Wenthe

    @AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER drew lock is one of the best quarterbacks I ever seen

Joshua Cavazos

His mindset and approach is fantastic. His confidence is great. The Broncos Front Office needs to build around him and address the areas that are in need of addressing. I am so happy that the Broncos have finally found their QB. This makes me excited for the future of this organization. Drew Lock all the way baby!!!

    Andrew M

    He’s a CLASS ACT all the way, along with the great talents & skills. Makes him a special QB. Intelligence with game plans & reading defenses, for a rookie is off the charts. Wow!

Robert Gill

3:51 cuts question short with… “I’m gonna go on with that mindset.” 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Klaus Klaus

This week could be a „trap“ game. If scangs calls no deep shots like against the lions, we will be in trouble against the raiders D

Cory Sheda

Love this kid he is our Q. Start building around him.

Kody Fine

I love listening to this guy answer questions during press conferences almost as much as I love watching him play football!

    Brent Baldwin

    NEVER been so impressed with a rookie, and I’ve been a fan since I started watching football back in the days of the Orange Crush!

Tam Almeda

Guys who commented 🐎🐓🔐 are Perna fans. 😁


    You know it


    Perna is the Goat! 🔥

Mergen Chuluun

awesome to hear his comments about Von; highlights how Von is irreplaceable; can’t find top notch talent who is also a great leader so easily; we gonna have a great shot next year

Paul Kaus

This guy is so cool.


🐴🐓🔒 already handling himself like a vet.

Flacco getting Lamar Jackson flashbacks out here


I like what I am hearing from this young man. ——–he’s smart, articulate, & clearly, the game is what he lives for.—————————-WolfSky9, 72 y/o


I want to believe he’s our guy…. He’s humble, classy and seems absolutely legit!

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