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Exclusive Interview w/ New Head Coach Matt Rhule

Caroline Cann joins former Baylor head coach Matt Rhule at his home in Waco to talk about the process and what's to come for the Panthers.

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Robert Flores

Caroline Cann! Keep up the great work! 🐱🏈🤜🤛

Cam Kuechly

Welcome to the Carolinas coach Rhule. Hopefully you keep cam, unless you want a long rebuild. Excited to see what you bring to the team.

    Caudahy Hall

    We in rebuild mode.. don’t expect to win right now

    J Y

    Caudahy Hall guys like Luke, KK short, Cam, and even trai turner are not getting any younger. Also don’t want to waste CMCs prime. We don’t have a long time to make another run with those guys


    Hopefully we tank next year so we can get Trevor Lawrence

    Rook Bridges

    Somebody you a busta for wanting to tank

Sean Gentry

Welcome Coach! Glad to have you.

Austin GT

We just gotta have patience and believe in the process Panthers nation. We’ll slowly build the team to winning the Superbowl. 💪🏾#KeepPounding

    Christopher Wright

    Austin GT patience*

    Austin GT

    @Christopher Wright Typo error. Thanks!


How you have a 7 minute interview and don’t mention Cam??

    Brandi K

    It wasnt that type visionary interview but simply a informal how did you get to Carolina type thing. I am sure the formal visionary interview presser is coming.

    Tra vis

    He’s garbage is why


He certainly will bring a new energy to the Panthers , he’s pumped


Welcome coach.


Officially Hyped

Glenn Taylor

“….looking for sustained excellence.” Love it!

Given Rhule’s record, the Panthers have a real opportunity. I hope they don’t blow it.


Welcome coach!!!! Let’s go!!!!


Like every move we’ve made I reserve my judgement until I SEE what he does. Best of luck to you coach Rhule. Welcome to Carolina. I hope great things are coming.

    peter vivar

    Spoken like a true fan 🙏🏼

Z ollin

Welcome to the Carolinas #keeppounding

Charles Hunt

Welcome to the Carolina’s coach.


As a temple alumni and a Carolina panthers fan, this is AWESOME!!


Nice Interview!!

God Of Blackness

We’ve been under performing under the Bill Voth & Caroline Cann Regime… can we trade them to the REDSKINS for Trent Williams???

Charlotte Hornets

Welcome to Buzz City, Coach!

Matt KnowsNuthn'

Just let me know his coordinators 🙄🙄🙄

Tra vis


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