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Buffalo Bill Lorenzo Alexander Says Goodbye

On the drive to his last regular season game, Buffalo Bills captain Lorenzo Alexander reminisces about his 15-year career and the decision to retire from football to spend more time with his family. Meanwhile, his 11 year-old daughter Zoie is planning a big surprise for her dad’s final goodbye to New Era Field.

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We’ll miss you Lo.

John Marlow


Angie Maniaci

Happy retirement, Lorenzo!! You were a great defensive player. We will miss you. Best wishes!!

    Tony Dobbs

    Man, We’re going to miss him! I would be nice if stayed around the Buffalo area like some of the other great Bills players.
    All the best Lorenzo and thank you very much !!

Kimberly Granger

Love you! Great man, great family! God bless you all!

Norman Snead

Great man great leader


Man I’m gonna miss you Zo. Future Buffalo Wall of Famer, Underrated defender, excellent special teamer, and just a damn good dude. Best of luck to you Lorenzo👍


Great piece!
Zo, nothing selfish about what you’ve done. You were a warrior, you earned for your family, you were a great Bill!
Congrats on your retirement!


Your story is one of perseverance, thanks for sharing it with #BillsMafia we’ll miss you Zo!!!

Scoville Sauce

Thank you Lorenzo for all the special times and things you brought to this team we will never forget! ✊🏼Go Bills! #billsmafia

Kip Doyle

One of the best Bills of this generation and a great community member!

Thomas Morris Jr

Great video. I’m not crying, your crying.

    STG PDAI119

    Thomas Morris Jr no you are 😭

King Alfred AKA Big South

Happy retirement Zo salute to you and your family 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟

john patrick

Gonna miss the Lo Down with Lorenzo Alexander !!!


We’re gonna miss you Lorenzo!

Andrew Colvin

I see where zo gets his character from. His parents show him love. We need more loraxs in the NFL

Rumble Evans

Great player on and off the field. Hes really helped the other players around him.

Brian Benson

Class Act, Congrats Big Zo🙏🏾Go Bills

boyscout 72

Class act! Thanks so much for the professionalism and the work in the community!! He is what you want in an nfl player.

Dark Moon

Surely he’ll be on the wall of fame in the stadium


We will miss you bro <3 Enjoyed having you on the team. Will always love you and the way you played <3

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