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Easy Blocked Punt Leads to Brandon Bolden TD!

The Pats special teams comes up with a huge blocked punt, leading to a Brandon Bolden touchdown run. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL BrandonBolden Patriots

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Landon Timothy Kean Reply

Watching the game right now Go chiefs! 23-13 Chiefs are winning

    American Sports Fan Reply

    Black Cat

    What? Refs gave the pats 100 more yards lol 😂. Only pats fans

    Nehemiah Hicks Reply

    @American Sports Fan wdym harry had a clear TD reid out reffed bill

    Black Cat Reply

    American Sports Fan and robbed them of 2 TD’s…. try again.

    American Sports Fan Reply

    Nehemiah Hicks

    100 yards given to you and you still could only punch it in off of a trick play and a blocked punt 😂 quit making excuses boomer

    American Sports Fan Reply

    Black Cat

    Read above

Whiplash95 Reply

Can’t wait until the Pats lose to the Bengals next week.

    Whiplash95 Reply

    Light Yagami based on what we’ve seen in the Patriots the last few weeks, there is zero reason to believe they can beat anyone right now.

    Whiplash95 Reply

    I’m going with a 30-14 win for the Bengals. What you all got?!

    Light Yagami Reply

    @Whiplash95 well im just saying the Bengals offense has nothing in common with the Ravens Chiefs or Texans. The pats defence is weak against scrambling QBs who can improvise. The Bengals don’t have that. If the pats offense can get 2 touchdowns they can win. I’d say 20-10 NE

    Whiplash95 Reply

    Light Yagami Pats sucked yo the field against a team that got destroyed by the Broncos. Mark my words. They aren’t beating the Bengals. When the Bengals win I will come back and brag because I told you so.

Ayden Hunt Reply


That Guy Donny Reply

Chiefs better not start choking

    Blake Schoolcraft Reply

    Yea like if they manage to choke and blew the lead i would be like uhhhh

    eoe123321 Reply

    they will, just wait

    aaron berhane Reply

    eoe123321 ?

OskarTGL Reply

That was an easy blocked punt LulW

Muz Kamal26 Reply

He s vs giants too

Elyjah Hurd Reply

1 like = 1 prayer for Nate ebners hands 👍

David Roark Reply

I love how when the patriots play someone they only give the patriots the highlights even if the other team is winning 🤦‍♂️🖕

    Will Rode Reply

    David Roark shut up you know it’s not true 🖕🏻

    aaron berhane Reply

    David Roark fr

    Northern edge Reply

    @Will Rode but but it is

    Zeplinex45 Reply

    You are stupid

Kevin Smith Reply


eoe123321 Reply

the chiefs are bout to choke this game away, you heard it here first

    Fire Leather Reply

    eoe123321 still waiting for this to happen

    Raj Papineni Reply

    eoe123321 and last

    American Sports Fan Reply

    😂 never comment again you’re trash at predicting

    Northern edge Reply


FireHaul 12 Reply

Pats just got two CLEAR touchdowns rejected.

Oh yeah, and btw a touchdown is when someone runs in with the football into the end zone did u know that?

    Todd Vardaman Reply

    No tuck rule today or under inflated balls what a bummer, Pats only win 95 %of the games,I bet todays refs loose their jobs,3 Bill can’t live with 3 losses in AFC to all 3 devision leaders, LMAO

    Don Belenger Reply

    @Todd Vardaman how cute funny how nobody ever mentions the games the Patriots lost because of penalties that weren’t that’s okay

    Sam Reply

    @American Sports Fan did the chiefs get two touchdowns wiped off the board?

    American Sports Fan Reply


    2 drives (when we were hot) and 3 points (at the least) taken away from us. So pretty muchs we should’ve put up 30

    Joey Cramer Reply

    ciara beth Patriots fans are the definition of salty. Any negative comment about Brady will lead to tons of bitching

Love Steelers Reply

KC is embarrassing Brady and co. Nearly double yardage, and abusing hapless Brady.
Just don’t let it up KC

richard escobar Reply

Here comes the chiefs epic collapse. Once were up 20-7.

    richard escobar Reply

    Nevermind the chiefs defense actually stepped up

    Virginia Ybarbo Reply

    richard escobar Lmao love how Patriots fans just naturally assume they’ll win and then the opposite happens

Vincent F Reply

It’s only regular season…
KC needs to do this come playoff time…
Just saying

richard escobar Reply

Here come’s Belichick’s famous quote. We’re on to Cincinnati, they really play Cincinnati too.🤣

Bronco Reply

Ah,even though the patriots lost the only highlights that matter is what the patriots did well ? just asking..

X Reply

How do the Patriots get a blocked punt or field goal every single game? Jesus.

David Rosales Reply

Tom Shady can’t cheat like he used too 😆

Aaron Beckstead Reply

1) A Team B player, who is within one yard of the line of scrimmage, must have his entire body outside the snapper’s shoulder pads at the snap.

xaman0710 YT Reply


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