Drew Lock Sends Texans Packing w/ 309 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Blackthorn 461 Reply

Wow only 5 incompletions. He has potential.

    Drew Harris Reply

    Shane Tumminello Andrew Thomas???? Javon kinlaw??? Derrick brown?? Okay whatever you say.

    Blackthorn 461 Reply

    Steve Nichols I can’t tell what you’re trying to say. First, you’re saying that he’s done good over his first two games. Then you say you hope I’m being sarcastic about me saying he’s good.

    Drew Harris Reply

    Shane Tumminello plus how do you know Drew lock is going to be a franchise player?? Your asking for another trash season

    Shane Tumminello Reply

    Drew Harris How do you know that a drafted QB is going to be a franchise player? Real life football isn’t Madden.

    GSG x Dee Reply

    Drew Harris that’s with any rookie qb that excuse doesn’t really matter honestly

Puddin Reply

Big win but seeing how the Broncos have played this year, who couldn’t breath easy until the final second ticked off the clock? 😂😂

    Opethian Reply

    Puddin, agreed hahaa

    CIA Reply

    Yes we could be 8-5 team easily but we blew a lot of games in the 4th this year

    eureka0521 Reply

    i was still preparing myself for a Texans comeback just so i’d be ready lmao

    Cameron Luer Reply

    Your football IQ is 👌

    GSG x Dee Reply


Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

John Elway must be in shock that a QB he drafted actually might be good 😂

    Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

    @Agent Bruh Who’s hating? Are you stupid???

    curtflirt2 Reply


    Anthony Reply

    Try and think back to a good QB we drafted. The closest you get is Jay Culter. This team has never won consistently with a QB it drafted. Elway was a trade. Try and remember that when the media tells you it’s all on Elway.

    john yurick Reply

    Shortest SB Champion QB hahaha 😂 yea!

    a saint i ain't Reply

    Elway has Dupuytrens Contracture. I know because I have it too

3dtime Hd Reply

He’s got a rocket for a arm

    stephen proctor Reply

    3dtime Hd Next John Elway

    James Bailey Reply

    and fearleess af

FJ Wheezy Reply

This kid can throw, and he’s got potential running too! I’m so hype for next year

    Bobby Tucker Reply

    No the Broncos need to lose out next year so they can get trevor Lawrence

    wassup 12 Reply

    @Bobby Tucker what???

    Mr Gamer Reply

    Oh yeah they’ll definitely use him next here 💪💪🤘🤘

    BiG GHost Reply

    @Marsha Quinn Just shut up, you sound stupid

    Jesse Hernandez Reply

    I am hyped to

nmj530 Reply

Again, I say this as a compliment he has Jay Cutler’s arm talent but actually cares about football.

    Rephaela Yasharahla Reply

    I think he has Drew Lock arm talent and Drew actually cares about football

    slsriflecruman87 Reply

    Mike McKevitt
    Ok kid

    Royce Randolph Reply

    Dude i thought the exact thing.. didnt want to hurt my own feelings thinking he looked like cutler though

    slsriflecruman87 Reply

    Mike McKevitt
    Alright dude calm down. Respond to the right person next time.

Ben Fiore Reply

Throwing dimes off of bad footwork. If he can get good, consistent footwork he will be unstoppable.

    Ben Fiore Reply

    Cancel OK his feet stop moving on about half of his throws. If you watch him under pressure he just stops his feet and uses only his arm to drive the ball with no follow through. Good footwork is active feet with hip rotation as he releases. Watch again and try to detect some of that

    Austyn Meltabarger Reply

    Ben Fiore yeah true he got away with most of his throws hopefully he can fix his footwork before we go to play the chiefs

    Jeff Gau Reply

    He’s footwork is sloppy on a couple of plays but most of them were plays that he didn’t have space in the pocket to step up. Stepping into every throw can lead to sacks if you are throwing hot or on the run.

    Jeff Gau Reply

    But his footwork was super lazy on the flea flicker, that’s why he couldn’t pull the trigger on the throw

    TalonsXXX Reply

    Skies the limit for this kid. If he works hard in the off season and takes the 1st team reps next training camp improving his mechanics he may throw 4000+ yards next year

WeShowYou39071319 Reply

Making Mizzou proud. He’ll always be a Missouri man

Boy Last Reply

I’m bouta roast the sh*t out of them Houston fans who said they were abouta crush us 🤣🤣😂

raiN14024 Reply

0:47 “Osteoporosis bus driver” by ThatsGoodSports

    Nick Urbaszewski Reply

    raiN14024 its Buzz Lightyear. That’s Johnson’s nickname

Imashbuttons Reply

That’s good sports is gonna have a field day

    Tanner Aitken Reply

    I love that he’s becoming a household name among Broncos fans.

    Imashbuttons Reply

    @Tanner Aitken I’m a lions fan

    Tanner Aitken Reply

    @Imashbuttons I love that you know who he is even more

    Kexin Reply

    I’m a Chargers fan and even I watch his shrill antics.

dlion314 Reply

Some of those passes were absolutely ridiculous. Lock showed arm strength, poise, accuracy, moxie and guts! The future is bright!

    dallashood67 Reply

    0:35 is so damn pretty.

The NoMad Reply


Theo Knapp Reply

I’m a Houston fan but I gotta admit. I underestimated this kid. He’s very good.

Andrew DeHerrera Reply

Denver found their QB, and that’s pretty much all they needed the las 4 season

Daspletoraptor Reply

Drew Lock: *has this game*
Denver: *happy Brandon Perna noises*

    Slightly Above Average Reply

    I’m ready for this episode to drop 😂

    Cole Ward Reply


The_Neon _Flash Reply

He’s so hyoe when they score and make good plays. That energy is great to see and it runs off to his team. I cant wait for next year 😍

Chiefs 2020 Champs Reply

Tried to tell some folk he would be the future for them…even tho he plays for Denver he from Kc gotta support!

    Joseph Jensen Reply

    It’s gonna be nice seeing drew lock and Patrick mahomes go at it for the next decade or more! Good luck on the rest of the season. Go Broncos!

SgtPrice1000 Reply

Lock’s decision making,awareness as well as his mentality are definitely a step above rookie level and all of them were on full display today. He’s got stuff you just can’t teach. I think denver’s QB position is in good hands for the forseeable future.

samcz1784 Reply

You’re watching rookie highlights of the next Aaron Rodgers. MARK MY WORDS!

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