Drew Lock, young guys have Broncos believing they’re done losing – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jesse Williams


Brian Damage

Go Broncos!


“We’re done with this losing.”

I believe you, Von. 2020’s going to be great.

    Future Echo

    Looks and sounds good to me!

Emma Leticia

Great win today guys. Anxiously waiting for 2020. This die hard thanks you. Go Broncos!

    David From Colorado

    We making a comeback in 2020

Pablo Escobar

Have so much hope for next season

    l vande

    Let’s pray Elway doesn’t screw up the draft

    Pablo Escobar

    @l vande if you look at the last few drafts hes actually has done a great job in the draft


At 1:54 Lindsey was spitting bars 🔥


    Erik hell yeah😂

    Kristion Taylor


    l vande

    He needs to humble himself after his runs or else he’s going to shorten his career by having others team players gearing up to take extra hits on him. He’s only 190lbs soaking wet


    @l vande I disagree, he wants to run hard as if hes one of the elite backs in the league, Elliot, Henry, Gurley.

    He’s chippy because he knows there were teams including Denver that passed on him, and you can see why from a physical standpoint.
    Julian Edelman for NE is the same way, he fights for yards, takes the big hits, and isn’t shy away from making contact himself. Lindsay is gonna stay the runner he is and that’s okay.

    (Also 2 straight seasons without a fumble, not bad for a 5’8, 190 pound guy.)

Michael Crabtree

When you have faith in your quarterback and your team backs you up then you have a winning combination.


This is the kind of talk I like to hear. Tough season but we finished right. Chubb coming back and new young talent drafted will have us looking solid next year and beyond.

Matthew Snider

I’ve said this before, but Noah Fant may be a rookie, but he talks like a vet. Solid player, good head on his shoulders. Looking forward to next year!

Major Tom

Where does Drew Lock get his confidence, hum ?
In his 2017 campaign, Drew Lock was 1rst team All-SEC, NCAA leading 44 TD passes, NCAA 1rst in completions of 50 years or more, 1rst TD passes 50 yards or more 16, 1rst yards per completion 16.4 .
In addition Lock was SEC 1rst in passing efficiency 169.4, 1rst points responsible for 20.8, 1rst yards per game 304.9, 1rst passing yards 3,694, 1rst total offense 313.5. These are Heisman trophy statistics. 2018 Missouri went 50/50 run pass, God only knows why, otherwise he would hold all the NCAA records !


Next time McManus cries about not getting an opportunity to kick a long field goal he needs to be reminded of his miss today that almost cost them the game.

    Brute Better

    Bolles 15 yard penalty sure didn’t help him.

Agent Bruh

We should move Bolles at Guard since he’s actually pretty good at run blocking he just can’t keep up with a lot of fast edge rushers which is why he holds a lot

    BiG GHost

    Munchak knows best

Carlos Fernandez

Playoffs next year broncos




Yo the more I see lock throw the ball like no joke we might have our own Patrick Mahomes. Next year is our year 💯


Haha, where was Noah Fant running?

Kaimana Swann-Merritt

We have 7 draft picks within the 1st and 4th round in the draft


We need to keep Drew. like forever he’s gonna save the broncos!

Salvador Morales

Our past 3 years we have won 1 more game than the past year
5-11 2017
6-10 2018
7-9 2019

Ung Bang

Crazy how Mr Elway gets no credit for building the Broncos future.

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