Drew Lock ready to get to work with OC Pat Shurmur – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Find offensive linemen or else it’s a dark future! Deshaun Watson already plays behind a horrendous offensive line, and the same can’t happen for Drew!

    Donald Stevens

    Love him he did great at the senior bowl

    Clay Dalgleish

    @Donald Stevens ngl kinda have a bromance with him lol

    Rolo Tomasi

    Clay Dalgleish What is his projected round? Can’t we just draft more Risners? 😂. I am confident in Mike Munchak as OL coach. They should let him draft the lineman.

    Cameron Luer

    Whatever you say casual 🤭

michael kelley

drew lock is BEAST I HOPE he retires as a bronco by like age 40 or 41


    With five Super Bowl wins!

    Mike Oz

    Bet by the time he’s in the retirement conversation QBs will be retiring at 50


    What about 42

michael kelley

i think pat shurmur is great as a coach


    michael kelley
    You mean coordinator

    Rolo Tomasi

    michael kelley Just not Head Coach.

    michael kelley

    @Rolo Tomasi yes coordinator i keep forgetting the names

    Rolo Tomasi

    michael kelley Head coach isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it’s them, sometimes just bad luck. Ask Wade Phillips. OC to me -is still a coach by the way.👍

glenard coleman

Peyton Manning plans to work with Lock. With Pat Shurmur hired as qb coach, it’s huge news for Lock.

    Rolo Tomasi

    glenard coleman Manning is not with the team in any official capacity, but he intends to advise Lock as a mentor. Shurmer (OC ) and Shula (QB coach) are the coaches.

    glenard coleman

    @Rolo Tomasi I know, but we need the broncos to have a great season.

    Rolo Tomasi

    glenard coleman I wish for that EVERY year brother. At least they won a SB in this decade. 😂. I want a young core together for as long as the cap allows. Build a team any QB will succeed. I saw that in 2015. Good veterans are necessary too.

    glenard coleman

    @Rolo Tomasi I know what you mean man.

    Rolo Tomasi

    glenard coleman Been a fan since the 80’s and I live in cheat ball New England. Seen it all. I will never turn on Elway (except his shitty politics 😂). They only win when he is around. That is fact. I do miss Shanahan though. Seeing his kid do well reenforces that too.

glenard coleman

He needs two recievers. Henry Ruggs III and Justin Jefferson along with Cortland Sutton.

    Mr. Nice Guy

    I want Jerry Judy bro

    glenard coleman

    @Mr. Nice Guy no.

    Mr. Nice Guy

    Coleman why not have you seen his highlights??

    glenard coleman

    @Mr. Nice Guy I did

    The Discussion

    Mr. Nice Guy yes. But Ruggs would compliment Sutton more than Jeudy would.


John elway be smart with draft picks this year

    Rolo Tomasi

    Solomon He was last year, so I am encouraged.

    Caleb Kjergaard

    Solomon he’s done really well the past 2 years

Michael Shane

Excited about Shumur-Shula-Lock. But, why in the world would Shurmur take Daniel Jones over Lock?

    King Stacy

    Michael Shane No that wasn’t Shumur decision he wanted lock.

    Rolo Tomasi

    Michael Shane Gettleman is the Giants GM.


Please get Lock an offensive line. Just remember, a great offensive line made Jimmy Johnson a success with Dallas!

Dennis Neely

With the 42 and pick drew lock gets 4million posse members…go drew!! Bronco fan

B Crew41

I don’t care if Peyton Manning is the OC lt QB coach. If they don’t beef up the OL we won’t have a chance. It’s terrible but I’m sure they plan on doing just that!

Jesse Williams


Rolo Tomasi

I like this coaching staff. A bunch of failed Head Coaches (except the current HC) with something to prove. A combination of experience and player youth. Munchak, Shurmer, Shula- let them control the offense. Fangio and Donatell got the D. The team just needs a clear identity direction and a few players to do it. The Broncos were always better when they had a touch of “old school” leadership.

Chris Penk

Give us more experience Tom Brady.. take on the legit teams.

Bronco Nation

I’m hoping that lock has a huge year this year.

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