Peter King: ‘Steve Atwater is a deserving Hall of Famer’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
DJ Pvt owl



Anyone get the sad google ad before this vid😢


This guy needs his mouth washed out for suggesting Philip Rivers on the Broncos roster


    Rivers has way more life left than Flacco, and as a tutor he could be a good pick up. I do not see him doing that, Rivers wants to be a starter. I see him maybe go to Tampa…

Lancelot Axton

Get it done

Ben Lee

Troy Polamalu wouldn’t have even existed without Steve Atwater. Atwater changed the way the Safety position was played, especially playing down in the box in run support (Polamalu’s bread and butter)

shahid kalimur

Its a f*cking joke that Chris Carter is in the HOF & not Atwater

Jesse Williams

I still don’t understand why, Steve Atwater is not HOF? What would it take?


If Peter King had his way there would not be any Broncos in the Hall of Fame

Dale Steadman

Of course Steve Atwater should be in the HOF!….long ago.

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