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Down the Stretch | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes take a closer look at how the 49ers finished their season after playing the Packers the first time (:49) and how both teams have played a lot of close games (4:41) and shown resiliency all season long (8:28). They also discuss the selection of Bobby Dillon to the Pro Football Hall of Fame (15:35) and how the Centennial class process played out (20:13).

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Geno Sciacca

To all the Packer fans going to the game. Bring your laser pointers and shine it in Kittles eyes when it’s a pass play.

    Jedi Mind tricks

    Geno Sciacca naw man. Go packers tho

    Delusion is an Illusion


Dan Greife

On Any Given Sunday!

trailmarker #6

Got to run better than they did against the Seaschickens which hopefully will make them more productive on 2nd down. Don’t want to rely on having to win 2/3 of their 3rd downs.

C Dizz



These 49ers look pretty much flawless. But if there’s a weakness somewhere, is Garoppolo having to play from the shotgun. It’s hard to make it happen, the only way being stopping the run and not playing from behind. They do have some dangerous weapons downfield, but they’re not the Chiefs. So if our defense has to make some bets, and I think it will need to, load the box as much as you can and make Garoppolo having to make plays. Make him take decisions, make him think, make him go to his 2nd or 3rd read. He makes a least 1 mistake every game; dare him to throw as much as possible, trust in King and Jaire 1on1, and make him pay any mistake.

Ben Chrisoit

If the packers win, West has to get rid of the bad wig

Pierre Dorsey

They speak about the vikings game against the 49ers as a statement win. They held them to 7 first downs blah , blah ,blah. But, the packers did the same exact thing 2 weeks earlier held the vikings to 7 first downs. There is not as huge of a discrepancy between the two as much as it seems. Especially after the last 5 weeks.

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