Matt LaFleur Believes Rematch in San Francisco is a New Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kiasia Johnson

I’m ready 💚💛

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    To lose? Lol

    Patrick Noonan

    Me too, love!!!

Jon anthony Stille

Watching pro football since ’65, I don’t understand why gb’s offense does not throw more “screen passes” because of the lack of time Rodgers has????,

Steve McGlade

People Chirp , But you learn best in losing. Whats San Fran going to be able to learn from tapes of previous game? They blew out Packers so they will just repeat the same things which Packers will have practiced to prevent

    Ich bin zwar dumm, aber

    Steve McGlade And GB Offense will probably throw away 80% of the Plays from Week 12 for this Game because they didnt work. So the 49ers didnt learn much about our Offense last Game

    Steve McGlade

    @RK Belmont Literally makes no sense. BUT! if he learnt everything from him like you say that means he knows all about him. Where as other way around is unknown

Kevin Gonzalez


    Tango Bango

    Kevin Gonzalez 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Packersfan 12

If the game is close in the 4th i like our chance.


*lafluer doing a great job in he’s first year, everything takes time he will do better and better no though, go pack go* 😎


    Green bay has been waiting for a guy like matt since mccarthy has sabotaged us

    Jimmy Casket

    anthonydk5 lol sabotage

Packersfan 12

We need to use Tyler Ervin more.

    Jimmy Casket

    Packersfan 12 we need to use everyone more

    Johnny Ho

    And throw the ball to Jace Sternberger more

    Delusion is an Illusion

    Havw a feeling that’s coming

For Kids By Kids


Cody Van Acker

i am so sick of not being able to hear the questions without blaring the volume.. cmon..

Matik City

Come with me as I take you on a trip to the future……………………………………………

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Santa Clara and ARod and his receivers are about to take the field to do some warm ups and out the corner of his eyes ARod sees Danica flagging him down. She offers ARod some fresh baked cupcakes and he winks at her and says “save those for later” and walks to the field. Jamaal Williams walks past Danica and says “Ooohh, cupcakes” and stuffs one in his mouth and runs out to the field. The 49ers fans are loud and calling ARod all types of nasty names and he winks at them and says “I’m ready”.

Packers receive the kickoff and start from there own 35. Packers run all the way down the field with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams with his sugar rush. The drive is capped off by Jamaal Williams power run straight up the middle to set the tone. The 49ers answer with a score of there own. Next possession is 3 and out for the Pack and now Jimmy G has the ball back. Jimmy G eyes give him away as he stares down Kittle up the middle and it is picked off by Jaire Alexander who runs it back for a score and the Pack never relinquishes the lead!!
Packers 34 49ers 31

    Tango Bango

    Matik City 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Jason S


    Nick j

    Jason S 42-27?? Come on man we both know thats not gonna happen

    Jason S

    j  aaron Rodgers gonna light it up!!!! GOPACKGO


    Mark my words if we win it will be because of Aaron jones


    And our defense

    eric wankowski

    The whole world LOL


Whatever the outcome of the game Sunday, we know are Packers gave it there best. Go Pack Go

    Tango Bango

    IH Us I so hope you are right, but I feel that Rodgers hasn’t given ‘his best’ in many of the games tho we still managed to eek out a ‘W.’ I’m sorry, have LUVED ARod for many years, but seems he’s been acting like an ‘old Diva.’ 🥴

Josh Davis

Of course it’s a new game, GB and SF will both be healthy, GB is much improved since week 12 and both teams are going to be near full strength. It’s a new year even, that last game started the worst way possible and GB played their worst game of the season. Whoever executes better in this game will win, these are the 2 best teams in the NFC playing for a chance at the SB.

John Kaltinger

Go Pack Go! Need to play fast against the 49ers and hit them hard every chance you get!

Tango Bango

Arron Rodgers must ‘show up’ for the PACK to have a sniff of a chance against the Niners. 🥴

    Delusion is an Illusion

    He will. Relax. Jesus christ lol. If his line does their job, he’ll be fine. Stop acting like Rodgers doesn’t show up now. He looked absolutely superb against the Seahawks. And I said he would. Know why? Because he’s not declining. He was just in a funk. I actually expect a better Rodgers this time despite a better defense. He’s trending up

eric wankowski

It’s going to be GREAT!

Francis Chaske

Let’s go Packers one more game to go this Sunday and we will fight and play hard to defeat the San Francisco 49ers and then vs either Tennessee Titans or the Kansas City Chiefs on the grandest stage of all The Superbowl 2020!!

Zanta 22

Protect your QB, then GB gonna win the game for sure 💯

Johnny Ho

Just throw the ball to Adams, Lazard, and Sternberger. And hand the ball to Jones, Williams, and Ervin. Have Bosa double blocked by Lewis/Vitale. Defense should have Smith Bros, Clark, and Gary rush their Oline with having Martinez/Fackrell covering middle, and man-to-man coverage on their WRs/TE.


Receivers and rookies need to step it up. Our defense is on par, keep kittle on the move and Jimmy g under pressure

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