Doug Pederson “Proud” of the Eagles after Clinching the NFC East | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Army 63b

Not sure if we will go far. But you gotta be proud of our guys either way. Let’s get it.

    B F

    Exactly, I cant complain with all the injuries I’m proud to be a fan!

Exotix Hollywood

Nice job guys
Great group of men behind this team!!!

Leo Junior

The Eagles record against winning teams: 2-3 (wins against Bills and Packers; losses against Vikings, Seahawks, and Patriots). Eagles record against losing teams: 6-2 (wins against Giants x2, Redskins x2, Jets, and Bears; 2 losses against lowly Falcons and Dolphins); could have been 12-4 in the season. Happy the Eagles will go to the playoffs next week. Here comes another underdog playoff run.

    Jayden Reiser

    None of that matters anymore. Everybody’s record 0-0 moving forward

    Rai Lalani

    Jayden Reiser he knows that but I think he just trying to say that we could’ve had a bye just a few mistakes that kept us from it! And we’ve basically been playing playoff football for the last 4 weeks so we definitely got a chance!!

    john mallya

    if we went 12-4, we would still be 4th seed, playing Seattle at home….

    Godz Gift

    @Leo I don’t feel bad we lost to the dolphins cause so did the patriots and I like the patriots a lil… Anything is possible in FB…

Bradley Slusser

Great TEAM win.. I’m waiting to hear from the Wentz critics. Max Kellerman has no clue. He’s a hater that needs to stick to boxing. He knows nothing about Football

    Ben Ingram

    @Big Raptorfan694 i would bet ten dollars he doesnt even watch the games

    Big Raptorfan694

    Ben Ingram 100% it’s all about the “eye test”

    South Jersey Bear

    @Justin Long
    I think Max has a husband 😂

Randomizer Vidz


Joe Mancini

Eagles first team with a 4,000+ yd passer and no receiver with 500 yds.

Doug gets his Genius Card renewed.

    Jason Strom

    Carson is also the first Eagles QB to throw for 4,000yrds…. Period.

    Michael Corazo

    joe he broke a few rec… 3strait gms 30+comp zero picks. and another 1 i forgot

Derrick Richmond

Endure 🙏🏽

mark dixon

“Boston stepped up” when you go from screaming at the tv immediately about him and then saying sorry half way through

    AJ C

    mark dixon yea I did that yesterday too

    Godz Gift

    Not me. Had faith, cause Ik he a good player. Like Coach said their in a right state of mind(that’s what we need)

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

We r underdogs once again
Take your dogmask on

    Bleeding Green Nation

    Nah 2 totally different teams l.

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    @Bleeding Green Nation IDC dog masks let’s goooo

    Travis Crump

    @Bleeding Green Nation I wouldnt say “totally” lol but pretty much yeah :p

Michael Martocci

Dougy said, this will be the new norm making the play offs 3 years in a row.


The Eagles practice squad are going to the playoffs and the Dallas Cowboys are going home. Absolutely spectacular in every single way

    K Cut


Michael Corazo

wentz throwing to lawn chairs broke atleast 3 records this year…can you imagine if d.jack & there entire team stayd healthy? if u remember 2 bombs 2 d.jack & C.W went off…

    Art Vandelay

    lawn chairs is pretty cruel. remember that even the lowest player on the worst NFL team is still 1 of the greatest players in the world. even the lawn chairs tried their best.


    Don’t wanna imagine it because JJ and G. Ward might’ve never got a shot.

    Michael Corazo

    @mk_fitz well if you do a hypothetical of a healthy philly squad from start 2 finish we might be a #1 seed.. d.jack really opened it all up.. now dunk&dink wont get it dunn…

    Michael Corazo

    @Art Vandelay 🤣🤣my man!! lmfbo


    @Michael Corazo could very well miss the playoffs if they didn’t get hurt and kept dropping the balls. Lol. As of late we’ve hit on some downfield throws, not just short routes

Eric Woodhead

Doug Pederson so humble. Just like this team

Josiah Quincy

They are on their perfectly polished trip

Leonel Thomas

I hope Eagles get RT Johnson, RB Sanders, TE Ertz to play in the first round. And if Eagles 🦅 win we get D Jackson coming back in the second round!!!

    Luca Wrenn

    Leonel Thomas ertz got a lacerated Kidney he’s not coming back unless we make the super bowl

Jared Johnson

Great finish 2 an up an down season. Congratulations eagles..soar into the playoffs

Gary Crook

Congrats to Eagles, thanks for knocking off the Cowboys…. hahahaha, great job!

Shaq Montague

Lol imagine if we had dJax the whole year 😴🤯

Justin Peterson

They made the playoffs … with almost all their stars on the DL.

Anita Williams

I like that. “Everybody’s record is zero zero”

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