Carson Wentz “Grateful” after Clinching NFC East Title | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
k lol

I can’t believe we just won the east with our practice squad… Thats a magic carpet ride for you.

    Mark Lukens

    Bradley Slusser big fax

    freestyle yaaj

    Bradley Slusser; the truth is Alshon was not healthy the whole season and he gave his all. I’m not mad at him but who knows if next season he’ll come back. All I know it could be the last time he suited up in midnight green.


    @freestyle yaaj alshon has a three year life span before he becomes a malcontent..Happened with the Bears and Now its happening with the Eagles…His expiration date has arrived for the Eagles. Besides that He has lost a step…Its time for new, young blood in the recieving core..Ward, and Barnett stay with Another WR draftee coming in….Agholor and Alshon go


    @freestyle yaaj He is still under contract so I doubt they will get rid of him since that would be a lot of dead money. His foot may keep him out for a while tho even going into next season. I would suspect he will be put in IR going into the next season

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

You did it WENTZ so proud of you whoohoooo
Back against the wall for us yes we did …

    Dovie Perez

    @Rad Hawaii If that’s a stud I am glade you can see that…oh but hey the dude earlier was talking about his jock strap so maybe you boys are into that kind of locker room stuff…😉😉You keep making him happy in that locker room.. Who knows maybe he really can be a stud !!😂😂😂

    luis rivera

    Dovie Perez Go away bruh, your Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs with your supposedly much better team. Enjoy the playoffs from home, we made it farther than you. Dak is trash too

    Keith Petit de Mange

    @big meech Youre a phony sports fan with probably no actual knowledge about football. Pipe down, ignorant fool

Deonte In Space with Time

That’s my quarterback 😢

Jaid Czwartacki

Idc what anyone says he’s my quarterback! #11

Imma keep posting this comment so all the haters that kept coming at me for saying this in the Seahawks postgame press conference know how much he means to the team WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS 🦅🔥🔥🔥

mark dixon

Love the jacket with the t-shirt

    mark dixon


ManofGod 84

That’s how my franchise QB wins the NFC east all the haters better put some respect on wentz’s names!!

    Daniel Heusler

    @Matthew Senavitis how can you be a football fan as long as you have and be so ignorant? They showed a graphic that Wentz has led the league in passing yards and thrown zero picks over these past 4 must win games…..and he hasn’t done anything…..I guess the wideouts and tight ends must be throwing the ball to themselves right? C’mon dude, get real. I think you’re getting a touch of Alzheimer’s in your old age. You and Dovie whatever the hell his name is should probably go hang out in Dallas together, you’re a pitiful eagles fan

    Daniel Heusler

    @Matthew Senavitis oh yeah, and your beloved Nick Foles got benched for White Goodman from dodgeball. Just stop.

    Matthew Koveleski

    @Matthew Senavitis I agree that the receivers and backs have been making a lot more plays, but the Boston Scott play you mentioned… Wentz was being rushed by multiple guys about to be sacked. He had to flip the ball over them quickly and he threw the softest pass possible. Pretty much anyone could have caught it with one hand. I would say that play Goedert made on the sideline where he went over the defender and tip-toed to stay in bounds was way more impressive.

    Matthew Senavitis

    @Matthew Koveleski Hi, Carson Wentz is lucky both of these passes were caught and don’t forget about the catch Dallas Goedert made off his shoelaces from the poorly low thrown pass from Carson Wentz.

    Just another great catch from Dallas Goedert that this guy here gives all the credit to Carson Wentz.

Jayden Reiser


    Smoking Dem Tweeds


mark dixon

Before you knew was 34-17 lmao Wentz is the man


Don’t ever compare Dak to WENTZ again.

    That Guy

    @Dovie Perez
    This is why you don’t speak without proof..Wentz has played in 56 of 64 career games you fool!!…by my calculations that’s only 8 games missed so where is he spending all this time on IR?…He’s had injuries towards the end of the past 2 years…he’s now played 2 full seasons of 🏈…& in the past 4 weeks is the owner of all the key passing stats in the 2 half which is clutch play…so really wtf are you talking about clown?


    Billie….I wish everyone who are eagles fans stop talking about Dak. Wentz and Dak play really good when their running game is a factor. They both do not have a good game when the running game is stifled. That goes for every quarterback and team who are in the playoffs. So, wish everyone stop this Dak and Wentz garbage.

    Bobby Rosario

    Dovie Perez my man who’s talking about the super bowl? Ain’t nobody worry about the super bowl rite now. The only thing we’re worried about is going 1-0 this week. You mad bro 😂

    Bobby Rosario

    Dovie Perez you’re definitely mad or to say the least upset. Look all trolling aside I get it, your season didn’t go as planned and like you said it happens, but to sit there and say that “wentz isn’t getting a super bowl and he should thank foles for getting him one” it just shows how upset you are and I’m willing to bet that you’re one of these people who were hoping wentz got injured again just to add to the narrative that he’s injury prone. People like you really bother me and I’m not afraid to admit it because unlike my eagles nation I know dak is a great quarterback I use to watch him at Mississippi and I seen what he did to his home town LSU. I just like my quarterback better but doesn’t mean that I will take shots at dak for playing horrible 1 or 2 games. It’s football and most of these players or off the field friends and we sit here and rival each other over stupidity smh. I’m not gonna say you should drink your meds or any of that non sense but I will say this, I know what it feels to have that burning sensation in your chest when something gets taken from you and there’s nothing you can do about it, it happened to me when we lost that game against the saints last year in the divisional round. Look man you have your self a great New Years nfc east champs. The East is not enough LETS GO BRIDS!!!!!!

Maurice Christian

So proud of Wentz and we all should be! But dammm that defense should up! How about our secondary so proud fly eagles fly man!

bryson mcgowan

This is Coming from a Texans fan and Deshaun Watson supporter. Y’all eagles 🦅 fans better appreciate Wentz while y’all got him. He can be the QB for my team as much as I love Watson. Wentz is legit.

    bryson mcgowan

    Michael Albert 💯💯

    Shadow IOS

    Respect ✊

    Art Vandelay

    kind of you to say that bryson. the texans is an excellent organization. good luck to you.

    bryson mcgowan

    Art Vandelay 🙏🙏🙏

    bryson mcgowan

    Shadow IOS 🙏🙏

Zeliano 420

Eagles are in the dance once again. Regular season is behind them now! Love my team! Let’s enjoy this playoff ride, anything can happen now.


    Everybody W0-L0

Jay Hairston



    Skip is rolling over in his grave….Oh wait he is alive.😶

    Austin White

    @hamhockbeans Not after tonight hes not



A Casual Gamer



I can wait to see how he does in his 1st playoff game since he’s handled pressure and adversity well.

Juan Urbina

I’m really happy for Carson Wentz and the Eagles. I wish them the best of luck in the playoffs.


I’m so glad Wentz is able to finally get his chance to play in big games. This man deserves it. Great player great leader.

Mikey Mumbles

That Tight End Perkins looked physically like Alshon, just about as fast too.

    That Guy

    He’s a converted Te(played Wr in college)..

Static Sting

“I didn’t design the shirt”

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