Don’t Run Against Us – #1 Rush Defense in the NFL | D-Line Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    King Bucs

    @tommy gordon but best run d

    tommy gordon

    King Bucs opponent rushing percentage is 33.74% lowest in the league. Teams throw on us because our secondary sucks.

    Paul Welch

    @tommy gordon may want to check the second half of the season stats. Pass defense. Come on man

    tommy gordon

    Paul Welch 5 of the last 6 teams didn’t make playoffs. You want to only look at that sample?

    tommy gordon

    Paul Welch 3 of those qbs weren’t even the starter when Preseason began

Zach Steelman


    Zach Steelman

    Get rid of Winston

    Jay Els

    Zach Steelman and then what?

    Zach Steelman

    @Jay Els get jalen hurts

    Jay Els

    Zach Steelman I like hurts. Then we give him 4 years to see what he does. So we get hurts. What other moves should they make

Brandon Smith

Sign phillip rivers to a 1yr deal


    @Drink More Water Thanks for proving my point.

    Drink More Water

    @Kubush Ironic.


    @Drink More Water You must be delusional. There is no other explanation for failed attempts to spin an argument to fit your narrative.





Drink More Water

Why run when they can throw for 400 a Game on us 🙄


    Drink More Water haha true


Both of our DT had a touchdown!

Tj Tillman

Great job defense but I looked forward to the day we are talking a winning and not stats.

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