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Ayush Maddikonda

I predict that whichever team scores more points will win

    albert jr

    I can’t agree

    Your Boi Chungus

    Ridwhan Time r/whoooooosh

    James Dillon

    That’s crazy talk

    Jon Collins


    James Dillon

    Doesn’t it kind of depend on who’s the ref’s have on their fantasy team?

Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers?



    @Caleb_ _MTZ But specific pictures is how NFL games are. It’s not just CPUs adding up 3s & 7s. If we all guessed scores of 24-21, 23-20, 31-17, etc., we’d all be wrong 75% of the time. You’re acting like predictions aren’t arbitrary in the 1st place.


    @Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers? How so? Weird stuff & odd scenarios happen all the time in the NFL. How is that scenario any less likely than all the millions of other specific scenarios?


    I’m surprised that you football fans don’t also seem to enjoy one of the best aspects about football & find these things very unlikely: unpredictability & wild things happening

    Caleb_ _MTZ

    Yeah bro, the chiefs and Ravens scoring 29 is just as likely as them scoring 24. You’re totally right


    @Caleb_ _MTZ Who cares about what’s “more likely”? The Saints were “more likely” to beat the Vikings & were many people’s favorites to win the NFC. Look how that turned out. It’s not about that.

    Unless you’re saying that her predictions should just be general estimates, like, “Chiefs win in the ballpark of 28-21” so that they’re not exact because predicting the exact scores is almost impossible but both scores may be close to that number?

Blackthorn 461

I just realized, each game Cynthia picked is within 2 points of how much a team is favored.

    Leo Mühring

    Yeah. But for some people the concussion protocol came to late…

    The Passionly Passionate Nightman

    @EternalCreator well she needs to improve at that

    Hai Voai

    Yes 👋 👋rhttps://youtu.be/DinU3vJXAyo

    sonny. 999

    Thats bc she isn’t picking the games, a system is. I use to get this Pro Football Book in the 80’s called Game Plan. And in this Book there is this Mathematical Stat System called ” The Stat Key System ” and it allows u to predict every game n score, n yes the scores it produces r the very same scores Cynthia b calling out as her predictions. So thats why her scores r like that…she’s allowing a System to pick her games and, not her brain. Dig it???


Cynthia with the 3 points AGAIN


    Just let her do what she wants to do

    Hugh Jass

    @AGK927 it’s her job to analyze this stuff and she always goes with 3 points or 1, she is being lazy instead of actually doing her job correctly


    @Hugh Jass she uses the model


I can’t wait to see what they say after the Titans crash the party in Baltimore! Less go boys!

    Ravens Fan

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the chiefs won the afc championship

    Vincent Piccione

    Ravens Fan I think the two best teams in the NFL are the Ravens and KC. That being said the Ravens aren’t the same team that lost to KC earlier this season. Would definitely be an upset if KC came to the bank and got a win.

    J M

    @King Markbarry Only bandwagons hide. Win or Lose, I am a proud Titan! Can’t say that for other sports fans…

    King Markbarry

    J M True

    Big Daddy

    ENT-TALK BY MJP (insert laughing meme here)

Greg Heffley

Y’all gonna quit sleeping on Watson😴 Big UNDERDOGS

    Gregory Garcia

    They so disrespectful 😠


    @slamont Fuller is questionable for his career

Damaris W.

NINER gang all day. Defense slayyysss all day

    pickle man

    X xGamingKingx X lmao


    @Alex Saucedo oh but did we beat seattle at home? And by how much did we lose against both seattle and atlanta? GTFOH it is a huge improvement from last year and your team isnt in the playoffs i bet cause we beat them 🤣

Aaron Asiago

Cynthia is a professional guesser.

    Mr Psychometrics

    Not a bad career huh lol


    ​@AGK927 “she isnt not” Is that even English?

Bobby Durr

How the hell 29-19 it should be 31-21


    Have you been watching the way these kickers been missing extra points these past years? Lol

Tim Skeval

Cynthia: “So this week we have my daughters dance team vs the Chiefs, I predict the Chiefs win, BUT, in a close one, 24-23!”


    @AGK927 your average 9 year old can predict better than Cynthia


    @za in the year 2010 I could not do better than cynthia

Tim Skeval

Yep Cynthia! Cause NFL teams score 19 points a lot just as you predict!

    Eric Dzingeleski

    Tim Skeval and 29 points

Issa Castle

Cynthia is overrated…🤔 SMH

SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0


Cynthia: “Every game will be 24-21.”


    uce chapo

    Malo uso!

    Leo Mühring

    SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0
    Still having a hard time understanding that she is not predicting the games, a math equation does?


    Or 24-23


The comment section is just people dissing Cynthia geez

    no yes

    … and then this clown noah, with an M or N. ? Yea noah said,…

    Jermaine Harris

    Ñöâh she deserves it

    Hai Voai

    Yes 👋shttps://youtu.be/DinU3vJXAyo


    no yes


    Capulus Deus one of the predictors for the games


So I turned on the radio and heard this nasty diss track on this “Grinch” dude,
Not gonna lie that must be rough
They keep on saying
“Your a mean one”
And that they wouldn’t even touch him with like a 31 and a half foot pole
Like what the heck did he do to u?

upchuck724 Gabriel

Cynthia: my model predicts a close one here 25-22

David Avila

They are all underestimating Houston watch Watson pull the upset i can see it happening

Stan ezen

I bet Cynthia’s first words were “goo goo gah gah my model says 24-21


    Alright stop it

    J R

    Her bank account def saying something different hater



KJLA 2427

Does she not you know you could score more than 29 points?🤦‍♂️

That guy Alan


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