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Dirk Koetter on the offensive line performance, replacing Calvin Ridley

Falcons Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter talks about how the offensive line played, Calvin Ridley's injury, and Olamide Zaccheus' record breaking first reception.

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Moon._.lightx x

Yea yall beat the 49ers i love dem yo death but aye alanta my home

rip juice

Why calvin

GeorgiaBulldawg Killa

I’m willing to bet that the guy who asked questions that sounds like he has down syndrome is probably the same guy who tries to write fake news about the Atlanta Falcons to make him look bad. Because he’s always trying to ask negative questions to get negative responses

Antonio Kim

I thought the title read due the lackluster performance of the offensive line; the Falcons has unloaded Dirk Koetter. Talking about reading the title wrong. Thought he got fired

Edit: it was The Falcons uploaded meaning they have uploaded a video. Read that as the Falcons has unloaded

B Strong

Dirk Koetter would have this offense balling if he stays another year.


You better think of something creative this week koetter

Bryan Smith

Wish we could run the ball. We got 5 guys and don’t know who are starters going to be

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