Dan Quinn on season ending injuries and Sunday’s performance – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dan Quinn on season ending injuries and Sunday’s performance

Dan Quinn talks with the media about Desmond Trufant and Calvin Ridley's injuries, what players will need to step up in their absence, and how impressed he was with the offensive line.

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Michael parry 514

Dan QuinnYour team is the best

    Antonio Kim

    Michael parry 514 Dan Quinn is not though

Krywan King

Dan Quinn is Carolina new head coach next year 😲😲

Moon._.lightx x

Rise up🏈

Aiden Munden

I kinda feel bad for him because he knows he’s gonna get fired and he tries to act like he doesn’t

    Antonio Kim

    Moon._.lightx x why even try to win games? Just lose out and get better draft pick position. He’s just knowing if he lose out he’ll get fired but it’s inevitable that he’ll be let go

    Moon._.lightx x

    @Antonio Kim well tbh aslong as we got a coach im fine

    Chef_Alex 17

    Moon._.lightx x Who would you want to be the new coach if he does get fired which he probably won’t, you wouldn’t want Mike McCarthy whose worse, Josh McDaniels may stay, Robert Saleh may stay as well, there’s really no good choices to choose rn.

    Tony Shepard

    You can thank Thomas Dmitroff for the way this season turned out not the coaching staff so if Dmitroff stays you expect more of the same

    F the eagles and pats

    @Moon._.lightx x Did you not see the second half of the super bowl when he took over play calling from Marquand Emanuel to play zone when brady reads zone like book did not blitz him one time in the second half him and Kyle costed us super bowl and not running the ball one in field goal range


Lets see how this team finishes

Gary Turbo

Better off tanking

    Antonio Kim

    Gary Turbo he’s just trying to secure his job and Thomas Dimitroff’s as well

    Gary Turbo

    The only person who should’ve been fired is the idiot responsible for trading Sanu


Falcons under Quinn has owned Carolina , even when Carolina went 15-1, they lost to Falcons.

Jeter Baldwin

Dan Quinn is a good coach and he ant gonna get fired wait til next year he’s gonna show all of you that talk smack brotherhood!💪


Tough losses

org 490

It aint just him.. but he’ll get all the blame… NFL is a business!! Brother hood doesnt mean anything if your not winning!!! We’re 20W – 24L since the Superbowl… Not even .500!! He’s a Great guy!!! But he needs help bad ( COORDINATORS!!!!! ) if he stays

    Kevin Hodge

    I agree. A lot of players got paid and their play has dropped. The roster needs a shake up and start that competition again.

Albert Maddox

Time to let trufaunt go

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