Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 12.29.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 12.29.19 | Raiders

Quarterback Derek Carr addresses the media following a 16-15 loss against the Denver Broncos at at Empower Field at Mile High.

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Anthony Benedetti

Carr and the raiders will rise again! 2020 Just win, baby! Future is bright with Mayock !

    Giovanni Capra

    Raiders need to keep CARR.. This mf wants to win for the nation more than anybody


    @RICH Carr is a good QB he just needs to belive I his Offensive line Protection, and work on his awareness
    Dude plays like Brett Favre

    Taz Saalim

    @Theo Schommer you’re dumb

    Francisco Navarro

    @Giovanni Capra haha no he does not. Josh Jacobs and Crosby yes, but this guy Carr does not truly care

    The Sloke

    Carr had what should have been at least 1 win vs the jags and it is debatable with Denver. I thought Ingold got in. The raiders had the toughest schedule in the league, this year, with little wr help and numerous injuries on the team in crucial areas. Carr also completed 70% of his passes with a 100 passer rating and finished 10th in QBR. Carr also had 4000 yards passing with much less talent than Wentz had but Wentz is getting huge respect for not having a 500 yard wr and throwing for 4000 yards. Plus, the eagles are in the worst division in football and raiders have a tough division as far as competition goes. I fear the chiefs, chargers, and broncos much more than the giants, cowboys, and redskins. Which is why I dont understand the hate Carr receives. I’m a Saints fan but pay attention to other teams around the league. The dude did a lot with very little around him outside of Waller. Tyrell is barely middling as a WR2 and renfrow is a 5th rd rookie that has dropped quite a few balls, as well as Williams. The Raiders will regret cutting bait with Derek Carr, if they decide to do so, next season or beyond.

Manny Flo

I still blame AB

    Hawaii Ball Express

    Miguel Moreno no because I’d rather have AB than other WR’s dropping wide open on target passes by Carr and now Carr looks bad


    @Hawaii Ball Express Agreed we need new WR’s and Corners

    Jesse Salazar

    Hawaii Ball Express that’s not the only reason carr looks bad

    Anthony Provencio


    Gabe N

    Ya fawK that dude


Get this man a true #1 receiver

    Oohhse Da God

    How about get us a true QB

    Oohhse Da God

    @Jswin dont compare a HOF QB to a standard QB well I guess we dont need a standard QB then let’s build a HOF from the draft

    Jabal Gilbert

    Derek threw for 4000+ (again) and his best receiver was a tight end (again)😂😂 Don’t worry, we’ll get him some actual weapons

    jeff green

    I wonder how many of these comments are from raider fans are just haters some of they comments are so dumb You can’t compare to Tom Brady easy to complete passes when you know what defense the defense is going to be in spy gate/cheaters




Hunter scored, ingold scores again… we need a new kicker! And for crying out loud… get a #1 receiver.

    jerry monopoli

    SOMEONE with brains who isn’t calling for carr’s head….THEY are fine and this draft should make them something, if they could finally for this kid get him some real threats at wr


    We have WRs getting open, Carr just has trouble finding them. And when he does find them, do you see how his passes are slow or just hang? That’s the back injury that he had. Remember when Carr would improvise better and stick the ball between defenders? That was before the injuries. He can’t zip the ball anymore, and he knows it. That’s the problem.


    Gabriel not true but ok


    lol It’s completely true. You just have to be objective when observing him.

    Johnny 24

    @Gabriel He threw the ball to the ground when Renfrow was getting open he rushed it almost as if he gets scared too quickly. He also had a couple receivers wide open to the left on one of those final plays. I wish he can work all his progressions better next year. Our offensive line is good enough already.

channel surfer

the two Bronco fans sitting next to me said the Raider fullback scored on that 4th down


    @bumdunker1 ( 🤖 )🗣 Locker Channge in Progressss

    Guillermo Contreras

    Same here the bronco fans sitting next to me were like damn you guys really do get screw over by the refs. I told them this is a every week thing for us.

    channel surfer

    @Juan Paredes The first Charger win…

    channel surfer

    @bumdunker1 You’re right; the culture around that team has been really bad over the years, but Gruden is too intense to tolerate a team that doesn’t play all 4 quarters….it took him two years the first time around but he finally got the Raiders to be consistent closers in his third season.

    D.F. Möller

    channel surfer not to mention that touchdown that is as right on that gold line

Makaveli Raider Productions

How we lose. Almost 400 passing yds and a TD. Should’ve had 2 but once again the Refs took that away from us.

    To Release is To Resolve

    Ahahahaha, Raiders are trash that is why they lost.

    tiny rick

    The raiders lost because they’re inferior to the Broncos…

    Crazy MoFo

    Wouldn’t matter Titans n Jags won. So 12th pick not bad

    Hawaii Ball Express

    tiny rick which is why a healthy Raiders beat the Donkeys right? 😂

    Alex Salas

    Carr can’t score that’s all

Makaveli Raider Productions

How we lose. Almost 400 passing yds and a TD. Should’ve had 2 but once again the Refs took that away from us.

    Theo Schommer

    Stop it. He spiked the ball on 3rd and 3. It’s time to stop settling for average play, and draft a quarterback who’s not scared to make mistakes.

    Von dee Gaming

    @Theo Schommer still won’t solve this team’s issues

    Jesse Salazar

    Theo Schommer bro that was so crazy he had green grass in front of him one guy chasing him and then throws it straight to the grass


Either way we had chances to be in a playoff spot but as a whole team weve still havant over come the 2nd half hump. I love my Raiders but we really have a lot of work to do in the off season. We got it in us just have to come together and finish strong in the 2nd half

Joe Duron

Punish the refs like the players

LA Perez

Vegas is only going to get more exciting now that the Raiders are moving there. R4L.. 30 years and counting!

    K. Alan M.

    55 and counting


“You know” I think the Raiders will be fine a change of scenery (Las Vegas) will be good for them

Roland orantez

Like I’ve been saying when we got Gruden it’ll take 3 years before we get back to are winning ways…

Derek Jackson

He stared renfrow down the whole time

    Hustla Jones Tarot

    Derek Jackson yep he sure did hunter caught all 390 yards today 😂😂😂😂

    John Giglio

    Derek Jackson quick slants are a one read play, get the ball out before defense can react

Roland orantez

We almost there we have a great young talent we had a lot of injuries and we still win 7 games…like I said we need a number 1 wide out and fast linebacker…and it’ll be different team…

    Terry Brimhall

    We had so many injuries this year right from the start just hope next year everybody’s healthy we didn’t have much to work with one point that was the Killer missed field goal really hurt us

Roland orantez

Don’t know are sechdule next year but it’s not traveling for 7 weeks straight..we’ll be play off team next year

Aaron Samaniego

Can we please get Rid of our Kicker seriously man

Leonel Gutierrez

Carr found renfrow on many occasions now imagine if he had a true 1# wide out


Got jobbed again by the NFL.
Not that it mattered in the end, but still…

Richard Martinez

Win lose or tie
Raiders til we die

Oj Simpson's Gloves

Pause the vid, just to comment this…
Carr will say “put this all on me” as usual 🤣😂

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