Derek Carr: “I’m a Raider, no matter where we’re at” | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derek Carr: “I’m a Raider, no matter where we’re at” | Raiders

Quarterback Derek Carr discusses the win over the Chargers, Marshawn Lynch's return to the Seahawks and what it means to be a Raider.

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merry Christmas & happy new years raider nation # vegas Tamales time

    Marcos Lopez

    I’m mexican my wife’s nicoya we having tamales and nacatamales tonight 👍🏽


    Yes Sir Vegas tamales


    Pagan festival.


    JustPlaying2020 stfu🖕🏾

Richard Martinez

WE’RE RAIDERS, NO MATTER WHERE WE PLAY!! You’re either in or out from here on out…..

Michael Marchant

Carr is a decent QB that is loved by gruden and the locker room, with the draft I think we need to go heavy on defense and get 1 more receiver so we can compete for our divison next year


    We are not going to beat KC w a “good” defense

    Jose Tenorio

    @dreamshot we have beaten them with a shitty defense before

    jak burton4

    Jose Tenorio we sure did lol

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    Loved by Gruden? 😂😂😂

    Michael Marchant

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich yes

Little Miss Bliss

That’s my quarterback




    Keep him.


    For one more game.


    @Play4Blood I want to see Kizer

snake miller

Surpport togethers played with teams brothers ! I know that he is very good player Derek Carr !

Jacques Ingram

I’m a LA Raiders

Elvir Doko

Crazy how we’re still alive

    Hawaii Ball Express

    Elvir Doko Yup and I believe Raiders will make it 💯

    Dara Aujla

    Honestly it should be meant to be man. Look at all these teams keep losing and all the teams keeps winning. What we need has been happening for the past two weeks

raider nation full moon records

Beat the donkeys please RN4L

Dara Aujla

Carr loves to be a raider and wants to be a raider and I see so many fans still hate him. You think franchise qbs just grow on trees. And to blame carr for raiders struggles is retarted. You know how many injuries have you seen our trash secondary . We let Kirk cousins drop 38 on us. We let San darnold drop 34 on us. It’s not all carr and carr deserves to have one year in Vegas

    Chance Rogers

    You have to put some of that on the receivers as well as the offensive lines of the past. Carr has been playing scared since the injury in 16 for sure. Can you really blame him though? No O-line to speak of until this year, outside of Hudson in 17 and 18. Sure we had guys like Penn and Osemele, but they were injured half the time. Cooper and Crabtree were the drop kings in 17. Coop didn’t do much in the few games of 18. This year… the receiving corps is piss poor outside of Renfrow. The TEs are great. Jacobs is great. So what does that give you? Check-downs unless Waller is open over the middle where his route usually is. Teams know this and are doing everything they can to stop/slow Waller down since he’s about the only one getting separation. Carr does need to manage the clock a little better at times and take some more chances when his receivers have 1 on 1s though. I say get him a true number 1 receiver and see what can happen, let all the QB thirsty teams get their QB this year and if Carr doesn’t work out year 1 in Vegas go get your QB in 2021. Get us a WR and LB this year.

    Shawn Young

    He can’t play in the cold. We would need to go 14-2 to ensure home field advantage in playoffs. With Carr as QB we will never go to Superbowl. Nevada doesn’t have state Tax like Cali. We will get what free agents we want next year. No more garbage Cali……if weather sucks this week in Denver. Look for Carr to be outplayed by Lock and another loss in big game.

    Brad Lamb

    That would be a valid point if he actually put points on the board. 38-14 all 14 in garbage time. 40-7 again 7 scored in garbage time.

    Shawn Young

    @Brad Lamb I refer to DCs greatness in garbage time as “Carrbage” time

    jak burton4

    Dara Aujla but sometimes you got to put the whole team on your back and physically go win games like the elite qbs. I got love for DC too but it’s always the same thing if it’s cold he ain’t gonna fight through it. plus sometimes he won’t use his legs to keep drives alive 🤷🏾‍♂️


I was a supporter then I was a doubter (this year), but I’ve never not wanted DC to fail. I just wish he would learn from his mistakes.

G Down

Derek’s my guy but hes gotta trust in them legs more. Since he got broke a few seasons back he ain’t been the same. When he hear’s those foot steps all around him n he tightens up n drops. Until he gets help or figures it out things ain’t gonna change. Sad but tru!!! But like the saying goes win lose or tie I AM A RAIDER TIL I DIE!!!!!


    Yeah, you saw that the first quarter with the chargers. He could have gotten free running up the pocket but instead got tight and dropped.


You know


Hopefully it will be above 40 degrees, but it doesnt bother him? Hmmm

    Jones Brian

    Lmao I caught that too

Rudy Rosales

Robert A noble your last name doesn’t describe you one bit . It really is Robert A hole .

DavEyOne SlimObi

We shoulda kept Lynch behind Jacobs. Still hope BeastMode goes ham. Rooting for him. He’s a Raider at heart

Ishikawa Frank

Gruden wanted a big back. The Beast wanted to play. He didn’t want to go out like that…ending in injury. We should have signed him again. The Beast and JJ.!?! Are you kidding me? Now the Beast is back in Seattle when he should have been with us. Mam…what could have been.

cjb cjb

We have to win, even if we don’t make the playoffs. We need to win and finish the season at .500!

michael herrera

Washington has improved a lot

Moises Calderon

I’m from Richmond CA so that being said, I”m a Richmond Raider because we are everywhere! Raider Nation!

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