Coach Olson discusses the top offensive performances in Week 16 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Olson discusses the top offensive performances in Week 16 | Raiders

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson discusses quarterback Derek Carr, running back DeAndré Washington and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow.

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edwin sosa

Fire cable and paul

P Shooter

Dump 🐕💩carr and get cam newton

    Sean Tuttle

    Newton is done, his arm is gone

    P Shooter

    @Sean Tuttle huh? He had an injured foot this year. He’d kill it with the raiders.

    Gabe N

    Idk his rating was 128 last week…..


    Sounds like they want Derek to run


    Oh the Superman that lost the Superbowl to the broncos, no he not joking ha.



Heartofachild O.A.

#33 DW Great game fam! hellava pro no doubt.

Gabe N

Thank You we can hear the “?” ‘s


Do you hear the “as long as he’s our quarterback” answers from Olsen? This is interesting to hear. Am I hearing it the wrong way?


As long as Derek is here he will be the starter?? What the???So your basically saying he wont be with the Raiders? It would be VERY BAD if they let Derek go. How about getting Derek some good talent. He cant rely on just Waller and Hunter to get open because they are our only consistent pass catchers who get open. I don’t like what he is saying. If they let DC go he wont last a week on FA. How about better coaching,pshhhhh.

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