Defend What’s Ours: Chapter 17 | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defend What’s Ours: Chapter 17 | Baltimore Ravens

They say it means everything to them and nothing to us. Are you kidding me?
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Sam Hall

Second to comment love Ravens for life

Jot Jolt

The crew who makes these deserve a raise … every time I watch this , I just want the ravens to just play already .

    Riki D

    Jot Jolt #facts…. these videos are always 🔥

    Kai Sommers

    This is my favorite category

Oui Bay

Ravens bout to pull a Patriots and run the division for 10 years.

    A J C Sr

    New Bullies of the AFC ! 😈

    Faiz and Hus TV Family

    Oui Bay 20* years


    Big truss mvp mvp mvp

Augie N.

Defend the greatest city with the greatest football team.

    Arrowsverse /gaming

    Augie N. I live in the city but I don’t like the great city part….

    Maryland Sports Fan

    Augie N. Definitely not the greatest city.

    Journal Wright

    You know. Let’s go Baltimore.


I can’t wait for the playoff edition of these videos

Louie Jones

we about to… steel their hopes at a playoff spot

    Cotton Candy

    Louie Jones like we done last season

    Louie Jones

    @Cotton Candy yep

Short Bus Pull Up

It means everything!!! 11 straight boss moves… Come cash your check at the bank no cash back!!!

Arrowsverse /gaming

Who else is loyal to the ravens!

    Nons ツ

    I’m from Severn about 20 minutes south of Baltimore. Been a ravens fan since I was born


    Oh yea I’m form Bowie MD just 40 min away

    Arrowsverse /gaming

    Myron McClain cool me to

    Arrowsverse /gaming

    Rose ok

    Arrowsverse /gaming


Quando Cashboy

Hell yeah they know what time it is don’t let up Ravens keep that foot on the jugular I hate the Steelers 😈😈😈😈

LakersLegend 2414

The beginning of a dynasty: Baltimore ravens edition 💯🖤💜


“Come see us at the bank!” 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥 Let’s go Ravens💙👊✊

Keisa black

That’s right! ” COME SEE ME AT THE BANK!! ” BIG TRUSS!! WHOOP! WHOOP! ☝🏈😜❤

The Big Fudge

I love how “see us at the bank” is a thing it’s so amazing. Good Job Ravens, it’s been a special year for sure.


Voice over guy shoulda end the video with “Big Truss Baby.”

Journal Wright

Steelers Nation aren’t welcome in Baltimore. Their playoff hopes are denied at the Bank this Sunday!

    Great Houdini

    That’s is titans wins

    GamingBros XL

    Great Houdini, well right now the titans are in the 6th seed. The Steelers need to win and for the titans to lose. But all we have to do is beat the Steelers and we deny them.

    Journal Wright

    @Great Houdini Go Ravens!

    Journal Wright

    @GamingBros XL Go Ravens!


Aye! “come see us at the bank”

G Star

“See us at the Bank.” I love that saying so much! Now we got it, now we Protect that Bank!

Moneybagg D

If anybody got a problem come see us at da bank STRAIGHT LIKE DAT💪🏾💪🏾

Roland Bishop

We’re the #1 seed with the best record in the League and homefield advantage throughput the playoffs but We’re still coming hard with our backups , it’s still a rivalry and we’re not letting up applying full pressure … come see us at the bank
🏟 🏦 🏟

Legendary Wolfpack0007

Who else is a die hard Ravens fan?💪🏽❤️🔥💯🤟

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