Defend What’s Ours: Chapter 16 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defend What’s Ours: Chapter 16

It doesn't matter what happened yesterday, and September was a lifetime ago. It's time to earn the right for the playoffs to come through Baltimore.

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Jt Talks

Go Ravens I love this team

Ravens Highlights


Eazy Bimenyimana

We are the king of the north πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

Lion Thomas

I’m so Lucky to live to see this Ravens team……I’ve been waiting for this 😈

    Mr. Steven Blessed Brackens

    I said when Louisville was recruiting him if we got him at Louisville and he played anyway he did at his youth, Louisville wouldn’t keep him long and he would have an excellent!! NFL career!

Julian Shipp Jr

Let’s beat them browns Woot-Woot!!!!


    Julian Shipp Jr did i find you again?


Lets hope Progressive gave Baker a good Insurance plan 😈

    TexasBass Fishing



    Revenge game incoming

    Gary Allen

    Hulu has live sports

Jasper Milberger

I like that mindset, Nobody Cares, Work Harder! All started with LJ8, not bad for a running back.

Louie Jones

revenge time

king shark

Stomp the browns…. put a get the staff fired win on them… 68 – 3

    Lion Thomas

    King Sharko……I was thinking double nickel 55 -14😈😈😈

    king shark

    @Lion Thomas … I’ll take that.

    king shark

    @Bird Scofield … exactly.

    king shark

    @Beverly Clemons πŸ˜‹

Jonathan Andrae

What better revenge could you possibly want? Win and lock up the 1 seed while simultaneously eliminating Cleveland from post season contention…. all them brown fans going to be eating crow all offseason lol… #RavensFlock


Chills. Just chills. Let’s go Ravens!!! Big Trus – Woot Woot!!!
-Fan in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Josh Abrahams

Round of applause to the ravens producers of who make these videos. they have us fans hyped like were on the team wit the ravens even though we r cough cough were the 12 man but last thing let’s get dis dub

    Brian Noland

    Seattle: We have the 12th man!

    Baltimore: That’s cute.

    Dustin Copeland

    Man these videos for how short they are always get me so damn hyped up lol they do a great with this and with the wired videos also! Wired vids always get me going lol

Tech Unboxing Videos

My game prediction Ravens 35 Browns 12

    Brenda Smith

    I’ll take that score

kiyan west

We hunting baker on Sunday 😈

Ben Valenzuela


    Ravens Elite 20

    I like it

    Lion Thomas



Damn this one gave me chills. I’m usually indifferent about the hype videos, but this one… this one. Whew

Sound 2

Man I hope we set a dam record for points in a game on the browns

    Brenda Smith

    beat the brakes off the Browns

    Lion Thomas

    55-14 😈

Nathaniel Salaun

Man this is my team. I remember all the heart breaks. All the QBs, McNair, boller, Flacco. I love this family.

Frank Crocetti

Its amazing how bringing some Great Players sitting at home on to the team And adding through Trade took us from one of the worst defenses to the # 4 Defense in the League. Eric Decosta is a Genius

Short Bus Pull Up

Chapter 16 one game want get u no where!!! One thing left to do!!!Win chip Lamar mvp!!!

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