Why Lamar Jackson Thrives in the Red Zone | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Why Lamar Jackson Thrives in the Red Zone | Ravens Final Drive

Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman said one of his barometers for young quarterbacks is how they see the field when they're in the red zone.

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David Kerns


Alexis Jones

I want his jersey so bad!!

    Elijah Wimberley

    I ordered my jersey November 8th and it’s supposed to be shipped on December 20th

    Alexis Jones

    @Sean Henderson are they the same price like online?

    Sean Henderson

    @Alexis Jones I’m not sure.

    Ryan Heisler

    ​@Sean Henderson lmao yeah dude, I saw a video, the line was around the sketchers store corner when it opened, really packed. I was there last night, people were buying left and right and I said “ill just buy online” hahah

    Wolfgang Łyffenwaffer

    Alexis Jones : Spoiler alert!
    You can’t find Wild Dog gear anywhere now either.

Short Bus Pull Up

I was here first short bus pull up


If the like button is blue then you think the ravens are amazing

    Short Bus Pull Up

    Hello good one bro

    Joshua Hoffman

    Hello I think the ravens are amazing but I’m not crazy about the official propaganda channel here. So they don’t get likes from me, except for the “Wired” videos. They do.

Dareisha Boyd

Ravens going to the superbowl

Augie N.

When I see Lamar Jackson I click because I know it is going to be about something great.

    Jt Talks

    What about doubters just saying

Lor Coup

Lamar MVP no questions💯

Short Bus Pull Up

Look at Lamar he has a great feel for the game!!! MVP jack super bowl!!!

Lord Yamcha: Lord Above All Humans


    rich .O

    we will have their fans yelling MVP for Lamar.

    Solo Dolo

    @rich .O facts Bro Finna Smack dem folks we finna smack everyone 🤷🏾‍♂️

Frank Harris

He is the best red zone passer in the NFL by far

    Anthony Walker

    They don’t know if he’s going to bounce out to the edges, pass, or Ingram up the middle.

Achille igor

Because his skin color makes him and the ball invisible to opponents

    Brian Fike

    Is that why his white TE’S make him look good?

    Xen Btw


    TexasBass Fishing


king shark

Our run threat, brings lbs up, …. safeties have to nibble to outside help, and lil zone windows are open.

But, if they pull lbs, and play us hard nickel in the red zone to even a dramatic soft dime, and some athletic dbs, skirt blocks. We better be ready.

Teams have been ambushed , now we gone have to ball out in the open. 1st look damage is done.

Let’s go roman, I was on your azz early, you put some things together, now tho, it’s going to take some next level for 2nd season, money ball time.

Leroy Worsley



I love my Ravens! Fan since 1997!

    Lion Thomas

    Me too


    @Lion Thomas respect

T. Styles Presents

It really feels like everything clicked in place for 2019! So happy!

] Mantis-Mike [

LJ’s 22 years old lol. Thanks to All the teams that passed on him before us!

    Ipuntbabies 03

    ] Mantis-Mike [ you prolly one of the fans that was booing him last year

    ] Mantis-Mike [

    @Ipuntbabies 03 No actually I’m a lifelong Louisville fan, and knew the Greatness this kid possessed his freshmen year. Nice try tho, sport

    ] Mantis-Mike [

    @Ipuntbabies 03 btw, that’s a Great name you chose. If only your mother had that attitude…

grim farm

Get it done baltimore go ravens!😈🤘❤😍👽


I love Lamar. But we all have to give serious props to these tight ends. They are catching EVERYTHING that is thrown in their solar system. Great throws. Perfect catches. Amazing.

Kenneth Gaiter

LJ thrives in the red zone because he is intelligent.

meron Kesete

Ship me a LAMAR Jersey i live in Sweden.

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