Dave Ragone on Trubisky: My confidence for him has never wavered – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
lebeR Ogun

First mfer!!


Interesting to see how he talks about the guy he didn’t want in the draft


    Ghanimonster so?? That was a bad pick. All the other top QBs has out preformed him.


    @ILostMyAccuracy I think the pick was fine tbh

    Davon Phillips

    @ILostMyAccuracy, first of all, they are all still young so wait. I think he gonna be better than both of those guys.

    The Tribe

    Ghanimonster he is no where near Mahomes or watson

    J Dolo

    @The Tribe what have they done he hasnt???? Rings??? Probowl?? Playoff??? They both have better weapons around them too. So please answer.

Kenyon Perry

Everybody Checkout Robert Schmitz

Bee Movie Script guy

bear down

Javier Castro


Chairman Meow

ok this fan base needs to calm down. he was garbage, now we love him again? the truth is somewhere in the middle. he’s a decent QB but still should not have been drafted before mahomes or watson let alone traded up for. hes good enough tho that you can still win with him with a great defense. that simple. fans need to quit riding the roller coaster on hating/loving players! go bears.


    1st. The traded up is a point topic , the bears didnt lose anything when they traded up for him they got those picks back. 2nd it was hard to tell who would be better coming into the draft. Scouting reports had him as a really good pick. 3rd. The other QBs had a great all around offensive team to help them grow. Mitch has Glennom and Fox lol. They are both playing better than him. But there is a lot of factors.


shut them up mitch please!


do we get our pick from the raiders back if we finish with a better record? they look like they’re doing horrible right now

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