Davante Adams talks about bigger aspirations after winning NFC North – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Matt Schroeder

Go Pack Go 💚💛


Adams is a beast

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I love you tae and you had now 2 straight divisional games where you ranked up above 100 yards
With that said you should have caught the endofthesecondquarter TD pass and you had a fumble plus you had 4 drops last week
I know that you ve been balling but it still ain’t the vintage Adams performance I know that you can and used to have
Great leader and player so hopefully you dominate come Sunday and come post season
Easily top 5 WR in the league
Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!

    King Jay

    He’ll move the chain he should definitely shine next game I’m so proud of my packers we battled for our lives.

Zandrew Gaming

Helped me win my fantasy football championship, let’s go get a real championship now!

    aaron berhane

    Zandrew Gaming fax

Jose Guzman


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