Aaron Rodgers talks about Matt LaFleur’s first year and winning the NFC North – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kevin Marroquin


    Go Knighthawks Go 2018-2019!

    Alright Pinhead your time is up!

Josh M

First head coach to win the north(most likely 6-0 sweep) , go 12-3 , and take them to the playoffs for at worst scenario a 3 seed

    Aaron Verdin

    If the packers beat the lions which they most likely are and the Seahawks beat the 49ers then packers get 1 seed

    George Ismail

    @DemonKnight 124 Amazing job?! Any head coach would do an amazing job with AR12 as their QB! Get a grip guy!!!

    Connor O

    George Ismail not mike McCarthy

Josh M


    1000 subscribers with no videos guy



You the man Rodge

    Noah Winkler

    Want to upvote but there’s 12 likes and that seems appropriate. GPG

Fernanda Brito

Ese es mi QB! 😎☝🏻✨ gopackgo!

destined 4xcelince

Is it weird that I only wanted to watch the defense play lol????

    Chad Swoveland

    Yeah, I understand that…. but watching Jones take it to the house was pretty nice! 🙂

    Gera Gonzalez

    destined 4xcelince that’s what I told my lady too hahaha

    The Italian Tune Up Pro Show

    I had a great time watching our D! Absolute monsters last night!!

    Reverse Snipes

    The defense was great

Kendo Pilor

To win even though they were down and lost the turnover battle shows how resilient this packers team is.a signature win because 1. Its rodgers and company first win there. And 2 Made sure the vikings were not undefeated at home!! GPG lets get that first round bye and make the nfc run through the frozen tundra👍👍

destined 4xcelince

That’s what is making the Packers successful… They truly 1000% back their brothers’ play. Although other teams clearly move with greater skills, the Packers are moving together and that’s their greatest weapon. It’s fluid!!!! GPG!!! Move together. 1-0 to the Bowl!!!!

    yola baby

    Playing like a band of brothers is the true success

Kiasia Johnson

Love you goat 🐐🐐

ZachSmacked22 Prodigy Takeover

I knew it was possible go pack go


GO PACK GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthee Williams

They looked much better this week !

    charlie scene

    They could move the ball but did pretty bad at finishing the drive until late


    @charlie scene vikings have a tough d and they were at home. Of course it is hard to move the ball all the time

    charlie scene

    @LukasH no they moved the ball but wouldn’t score. They had a pretty easy time taking up time and going down the field

Nicholas Gonzales

What ever it takes go pack go 🧀


Definitely a strong defensive performance last night. They kept the Vikings out of the End Zone long enough for the O to get it together


    Dude they gave up less scores then turnovers the offense had, only 10 points allowed all game despite those turnovers are incredible, I called it at the very beginning of the season I said itll be exciting watching green bay play this year solid on BOTH sides of the ball for once plus we got a great running game now and a great coach, slot of changes made this year that’s why were the team we are now

    George Ismail

    @anthonydk5 Your analysis couldn’t be more FAN BASED! 🤣🤣🤣

Terry Jordan

Z.Smith the best free agent signing in the league period!!!

    Terry Jordan

    Absolutely. He is not only a great player, he has help to transform this defence and team with his leadership on and off the field.

    Juan Hernandez

    @Terry Jordan Probably our best FA signing since Woodson

    Terry Jordan

    Without a doubt. Woodson had a similar impact on the defense and was the outspoken leader of the team.

    Wayne Gouin

    Amen bro!

    Eli Petersen

    If he stays for 5+ years he may go down as one of the Packers greatest defensive players, way more powerful and influential than clay matthews and he’s already a legend.

Nash Gross

It’s 2020 pretty much and we still can’t hear the reporters questions smh

MIke MIhaljevich

Give the reporters a mic, for God’s sake! Who is running this show? The NFL or some mickey mouse club?

Fabio Martins

please show up in january


This team better not overlook the lions…

A Concerned Dothead

not a Packer fan, but happy for Aaron Rodgers. He seems like a genuinely cool guy, the type of friend, you would want to have a beer with. Not sure why he gets so much flak, dude shows up and shows out 99% of the time. I would think most NFL teams would love to have him under center.

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