Davante Adams previews Minnesota’s secondary for MNF – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Need a big game from Devontay this week

    Jon Marsh

    spell it right fool


Need a big game from Devontay this week


    My guy, his name is in the title, respect him enough to at least spell it right!

x IPat

This the main man right here. He seems chill/ relaxed af. Probably translates to his smooth, clutch performances. Straight vet.

Nick Ivey

Have the guys been practicing with the horn noise and the skol Chant like the tomahawk chant when they play the chiefs?

Who Dat so brazy


Melvin williams

3 tds davonte will score

Dave Medina

2019 Viking sackfest Aaron is gunna get buried, who’es you’re back-up baby ( not hurt – scared )

    Christian Cazares

    Dave Medina I bet you said this in the first match up and that turned out well for you guys 😂


Vikings better not put Rhodes on him 😂

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