Aaron Rodgers on prime-time Vikings matchup: ‘The goal is to win the North’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David Rodriguez

Come on Arod need you this week work that magic

Kyrie Irving

We need peak Aaron Rodgers this game🙏🏿

    Delusion is an Illusion

    It’s coming

    Jon Marsh

    we need peak everybody from here on out

    josh cohen

    He has never been peak AR at US Bank Stadium… 0-3

daniel ramirez

Packers own the north

Vash Starwind

This game is going to be very fun to watch & I’ve been excited about it for a long time

    Simeon Givens

    I just hope we show up

    Vash Starwind

    @Simeon Givens , I’m from metro Detroit. I love pro football, and I’m a huge pro football fan . I love the NFC North so much. I think we are soo cool & tough & I think we are the coolest teams in the NFL. I am a big fan of both the Vikings and Packers. I pretty much love virtually everything that comes out of Chicago, and Bears are a super cool team. .. My team, … Well, …. … gosh, .. . one day perhaps Detroit Lions will be feared and respected … … Perhaps one day Lions will be the Champions of the North. … … Not this year though, my dear friend! … Never the less, .. I have marked this game on my calender long ago. I am going to love seeing these two extremely pround & powerful pro football armies collide! Both teams are winners. Only 1 of 4 can win every year. It’s an absolutely toss up in my mind. … Probably the most excited I’ve been all year for a football game, .. other than when Lions came to play you. Well, @SimeonGivens, .. Vikings are tha bomb. Packers are legendary. May the best team (that day) win. Much Love to all of the super cool fans keepin it real & representing ourselves well. 😀⭐☝️🏈

Chris Balodis

I love Aaron but is he always lit

    Jon Hohensee


Killerkane28 Lol

I also think the packers need better receivers because devante works too hard and he needs to release some pressure off of him as the most used and passed to receiver by rodgers

    yola baby

    Lazard and kumerow end of story… We don’t need better… We got great ones


The Packers better bring their A game. The Vikings have been playing great for the last couple of months now. Rodgers, Jones and Adams are going to have step it up big time to win this one. Go Pack!

    William Wright

    @josh cohen because 2 of the years the packers were a losing team

    josh cohen

    @William Wright being a winning team isn’t going to help them this year. They will get rolled, Rogers will retire 0-X at US Bank Stadium.

    Omni Pepper

    josh cohen false but okay

    Thecomputerboy 123

    @Omni Pepper Actually true he is 0-3 but kirk is 0-8 on monday night football 🤢

    josh cohen

    @Omni Pepper oh you know the future to tell me my prediction is false? Lol ok…. He’s been terrible at US Bank as most QB’s have. Is the best home field advantage in the NFL.

x IPat

I wonder if Zimmer watches this and listens to Aaron R. thinking: “guess I’ll just do the opposite.” Lol. Know your enemy.


    x IPat I don’t think Mike Zimmer would pay what Aaron says in the press conference any mind. Shouldn’t matter, and Aaron can do just enough to take this team over the top. GO PACK GO!

Ishan Shukla

time to get hot ARod. 🙂

Tharen Gore

We need our WR’s to step up cause really need another solid reciever out side Adams.

Also how he just knows every defensive player and how they play speaks of his football IQ.


Congrats on beating my Bears yet again.

    Dan Jacobsen

    42-14 over the last 56. That’s 28 years!


    @Dan Jacobsen Not much of a rivalry is it lol

Ky da rapper

This game will be another example of Rodgers greatness

Packersfan 12

We need the BaaaaaadMan Aaron Rodgers to go far in the playoffs.

Leon Leon

Were actually healthy for once. Lets go pack 🧀😤✊

    Dexte Tuuyy

    Knock on wood

destined 4xcelince

I know one thing…. You betta not be drinking no scotch on game day…. GPG!!!

    yola baby

    He only does that after wins


    destined 4xcelince lol yeah Rodgers loves his scotch! 🥃😁


Aaron Rodgers is a leader. I’m sure he’s got the guys ready, and he is well aware what’s on the line in this game. GO PACK GO!!!


A lot of wide receivers that are open but AR12 has been over throwing. Still a beast but Matt’s system has dumbed him down.


Need a 2ND RECEIVER TO EMERGE on MNF, please for the love of…


As a Bears fan, the Packers will win the North, but it will have to come in Week 17. I just don’t see a team going into Minnesota and winning. Oh but the Bears will beat for sure.

Caden Presley

I’m certainly glad we won our past few games, but they weren’t the best wins. I sure hope we figure things out and get into a rhythm. Vikings are another great opponent, and we have to really step up if we wanna go all the way.

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