Damien Williams Channels Barry Sanders w/ Spicy Juke Move | Super Bowl LIV – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Trying to hit 10k without content

This is gonna be in everyone’s recommended 5 years from now, remember me.

    Kangy Games

    me too

    All up in the videos....

    Trying to hit 10k without content Lol

    STRM Viper

    Trying to hit 10k without content I putting this comment for I can remember

    Football Productions

    Lmao Remember everyone who lived in 2020 lmfao

Its Vixidz

Who is watching the Super Bowl Rn


Don’t let this distract u from the fact that we already have more points then last year

    Joel Rodriguez

    @We got Bagels yeah buddy no one cares lmao

    We got Bagels

    Joel Rodriguez clearly you do since you’re acknowledging it child

    We got Bagels

    MikeEdits falcons blew a 28-3 lead

    Joel Rodriguez

    @We got Bagels only person who liked your reply was yourself btch

    We got Bagels

    Joel Rodriguez well I didn’t but it’s very clear I pissed you off so I’d recommend calming down before your parents take your Xbox you squeaker

statemountain 1

49ers going to beat them

    Nova -

    @D1BTV 🤣


    What’s that about them winning?

    Daniel Gonzalez

    Oof, this comment didn’t age well…

Bro Pro

Go chiefs

Ethan Q

Great game, goodluck to both sides

    Nine times Out of Ten

    Ethan Q Better luck next year

Hpal’s sports cards

Remember me in 2020 when the super bowl is not over yet

    Rj Avila

    Hpal’s sports cards pls sub to me

Insisted Bot

SuperBowl Isn’t What I expected.

Carter Crane

Go chiefs

Da Sports Fan

Just a friendly reminder that this game already has more points scored than last year

    Rajae Jones

    Da Sports Fan Ik it’s lit 😂😂


Hey I’m early but don’t know what to comment sooo… whatever

Y Pahu

That is no Barry Sanders. I expected to see a touchdown



    Nacho Playz


Tito Ochoa

Sorry but the outcome was already predetermined.


Didn’t look anything like Barry Sanders. Barry made short, momentum-conserving cuts. He didn’t did waste a lot of energy dancing in place. He’d cut and go.

James B

Channeling Barry. What a joke. Nowhere near on Barry’s level.

Matthew Blue

I hope you guys are making a joke, Barry Sanders? Not even a little bit


Remember me I’m from when sb 54 is still on

    Football Productions


John Wick

I knew the chiefs was going to win

Elite TNT

Remember me when the super bowl is over whoever wins whoever loses it’s not my eagles but I’m cheering for the chiefs

Brennan H

The real MVP

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