Jimmy G Responds w/ 80-Yd TD Drive! | Super Bowl LIV – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jimmy G Responds w/ 80-Yd TD Drive! | Super Bowl LIV

Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers offense responds with an 80-yard scoring drive, finishing with a 15-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Juszczyk. The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

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jaiveer d

This is a really good game

Broken Apart


Bob Builder

This is gonna be in everyone’s recommended 5 years from now, remember me.

    Justin Hunsinger

    Will do my guy

    David Spencer

    50 years, from today, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

    Anthony Plays

    ayy remember me too

    Akiva Weil

    YouTube cycles (aka removes) all comments after the first 12 hours of a video being posted so it probably won’t

    Chris Paul point god

    I won’t remember you but i will never forget you


I cant believe they are clipping soo fast



    Laugher McLaugher

    Jod will be here


    hello fan. btw super bowl is boring


    @Laugher McLaugher I DONT KNOW

    Ramaun Thompson

    JODisHere nobody asked for your opinion

Mohit Reddy

Lets go 49ers

    Mohit Reddy

    Pathetic. I completely agree

    Daniel Parker

    They had every chance to win. Up by 10 to start the 4th and let it slip away. Maybe next year 😢

    Earl Dwire

    Yes! Go home

    Mike B

    Well, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the poop in the city for the victory parade.

    Capo King



LINK DO JOGO : superbowlliv2049ersvschiefs.blogspot.com?sbliv
Assistir 49ers vs Chiefs Superbowl LIV 2020 En Vivo

    Ricardo Teapila

    ANGGA ANJAYA 2014 haha Anda miskin dan terpaksa melakukan scamming. mendapatkan gelandangan pekerjaan

    Asfdefgf Wesfghhj

    @Ricardo Teapila Anjing Loh

    Ricardo Teapila

    Asfdefgf Wesfghhj sorry I had to use google translate. I don’t understand your language


    hello angga. btw super bowl 2020 is boring


“Jimmy G Responds w/ 80-Yd TD Drive! ” doesn’t throw the ball once for yard edge.

    Joe Heasley

    Goons have to call it every play if that a flag. Rudolph against the saints was far worse and nothing. This is the super bowl it has to be aggregious. That bum can’t guard kittle

    Joe Heasley


    Joe Heasley

    If that was against kelce I would’ve said it was a terrible call too. Whether I’m a fan or not

Omega Man

Kinda makes me sick Eric Berry wasn’t resigned by them the year they finally make it


    Omega Man same ;( I miss Eric and I’m not even a chiefs fan

    Omega Man

    @indigivent me neither. Its def the worst when a team has a dedicated pro bowl player 7+ years and then they make the SB.

southern daze

Jimmy responds, LOL.
Niners run game responded.

    Joey Hernandez

    southern daze hater

    Sam Black

    Joey Hernandez
    Nah.. Realist.

Gamer Boi

He also threw a pick

Kenny Sellers

Why do they allow some of the players to wear gloves that look like penalty flags?


    Their just yellow gloves

    Jason D

    Definitely don’t see yellow gloves too often. When I saw..I think a lineman with them, I thought there was a flag lol

    Andromeda V

    Yoo it sooooo annoying lmao

Marvel Maniac

Here In 2020

Zeke Jordan

Is Jimmy G the next Joe Montana or Steve Young. Wow this team going to be good for a long time, if they play like this.

    David Reyes Izaguirre

    @john c I dont think so

    Tom MacKay

    Looks like you counted your chickens a little too soon there, pal.

    Sam Black

    He is the worst QB in the league.. niners could only carry lil jimmers so far.

    Tuan Nguyen

    If he played at the level of Joe Montana or Steve Young, the 49ers would win this Superbowl. He choked because he could not handle the giant pressure.


I’m going for Joe Montana team


    Jerry Dalrymple thanks tho


    hello april. btw super bowl 2020 is boring

    Sinful Suavé

    @JODisHere yeah, for sure

    christopher krause

    Montana played for both teams

Susan Kelly

I use to live in Kansas City for 30 yrs!! Go Chiefs but now I’m in Florida

hdh amazing

Go 9ers!


    They Lost dayum

    My name is gadiel and I’m fat and I’m autistic

    Rip they lost


    Hey what was the final score😂😂😂

    Leaf village Civilian


    Earl Dwire

    yes….go home


Chiefs have always been to cocky.

    Walter Bartholomew Clements

    tikamaholic what a shame now huh

    Mike B

    tikamaholic 49ers are home of the snotty leftists. They’re the cockiest people on earth.

    Amarion Ross

    Championship Swagger

    Earl Dwire

    yeah right, lmao, like the Fudgepackers arent cocky, huh…….theyre probably the “cockiest” team of all. Find something valid to whine about.

    Earl Dwire

    @Mike B spot on, I said the same thing before I saw your comment

Raymond Fallon

Jimmy G responds? 3 runs for 40+ yards, a 3 yard pass and a 4 yard pass. Okay, gotcha!

    alex saenz

    They got Tom Brady syndrome, apparently if ur a QB on a good team, that makes u good.

    Micheal Judon

    @alex saenz Brady is a check pass king

DoGi JsTs

Premature E👻Jack‼️
Great video ➖ Thanks,

U should’ve known Bet Er –
The Chiefs R always on 🔥 FIRE & 🧨💣 EXPLOSIVE in the 2nd 1/2.

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