Cowboys Rewind: There’s Still Hope | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Rewind: There’s Still Hope | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Although they don’t control their own destiny, there’s still a chance the Cowboys can win the division and make the playoffs. In this episode of Cowboys Rewind, Dani Sureck highlights the team’s coverage leading up to the final regular-season game against Washington.

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As long as Jerry Jones is the GM, there is no hope

    Asat 85

    Mister ive sadly come to that conclusion and no this isn’t something ive determined overnight its been a slow realization over years of analyzing this team and when you have a stubborn owner it unfortunately spells doom for years and years so i say this real cowboys fans i say this !!! Dont go to the games at at@t stadium ! Stop buying the merchandise!!! Stop giving that franchise money and youll see a huge change in the next few years definitely but in all reality these owners claim to strive to win but if there franchise profits drop thats where you really hurt em!!!!

    John Sickler

    There’s always hope my young lad

Ryan Salazar

Like if we should fire garret

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

Slop Boyz

    Saad Syed

    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 what does that make the Bengals?


Does Jerry Jones make anybody else not want to be a cowboy fan???

Juan C

There is no hope. Even if they win they gonna go to the playoffs just to get beat👎👎👎👎

Tony Canaris

Fukushima. Will win. GIANTS BEAT EAGLES.

Troy C

Cowboys Restructure: But Wait There’s Still Jerry Jones as GM and Owner| Dallas Cowboys 1996-2019 (Still no NFC Championships or Superbowls)

…so no hope…sorry.

Oh and fire Garrett. 25 years of…meh.

Truth Believer

Who cares?, just get the season over with please. It’s a bus oh, and the Cowboys aren’t going anywhere as long as Jason Garrett is head coach


    He’s gone even if we make the playoffs

John Sickler



Hope for what exactly……??

michael l

Hope? Hope for what? The Cowboys have not fielded a competitive team in 25 years and there is nothing in the future that leads me to believe it will not continue for the next 25 years. The team is in a virtual continuous rebuilding year each year since last century and have no hope to hope for. Jerry Jones disrespected legends Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells. He is targeted by the other owners and officiating in the league, and will never win. He will never win. He has no knowledge of the game, does not want to win, and is a disgrace.


Blah blah blah blah…

tracy harri

Control what you can control…really !

tracy harri

Go out and win this game by making a statement. !

All up in the videos....

Hope? Man shut up

Greg White

Frustrated…disappointed….all day baby…alllll dayyyy.

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