Hangin’ with the Boys: Cowboys For Life, right? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: Cowboys For Life, right? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The fans aren’t giving up, and Nate certainly isn’t as he tries to convince us that it’s happening. The boys talk the team’s chances of making the playoffs, and Computer from Three 6 Mafia calls in.

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Kevin Walter Smith

Hilarious callers on today’s show!!

    Stevie Mac23

    Of course the guy from Philly is dumb enough to want Garrett back lol

All up in the videos....

Where’s Jesse?

    Tony Mungro

    On the Carpet

Shell Sharpe

Hanging with Jesse Holley and the boys

    Tony Mungro

    How can u say that Nate’s a 3 time Superbowl winner


    @Tony Mungro Jesse make this show


Dumbasses by the Masses!!


All coaching staff should be axed!!! Marinelli and Richard included!!

Kevynn Joseph


lisa colon

I am down with the Cowboys ❤️❤️

Tony Mungro

UNC Beat the breaks of temple in that Bowl Game today

Brian Waller

Redskins 24-17, eagles 20-17

John Crabtree

I see nothing good about winning sunday means Garrett is around longer and losing draft position this season is lost

Brian Waller

Man the die hards are so brainwashed they’re are a danger to themselves lol

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

Giants fan doesn’t want to win lol because they hate y’all

Tony Mungro

Computers is a cowboy 4 life

josh simpson

Cowboys are the most consistently disappointing team in the league


We can’t expect Nate to feel the way we do. He is a champion and was part of an elite squad. Same for Troy, but he doesn’t drink the kool aid he shames the Cowboys every chance he gets cause it’s embarrassing, the team gets in its own way more than any opponent.

Chris Martineson

I’ve been a Cowboy fan since birth, but I want to see change!

Chris Martineson

I’m sick of watching undisciplined players! I sure miss the coaching of Jimmie Johnson! Oh, why is he not in the ring of honor, he’s the reason why Jerry’s in the hof!


That caller about the MEXICO call in was AWESOME. Thank you SIR


Steve Young was elite, the caller is on crack.

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

I love Nate, he bleeds blue & silver like me!

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