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I have a simple answer for you, no.


The Cowboys are melting like ice cream on a hot Dallas summer day. 25 years of treading water. Pathetic.


I think the NFC East is going to be a push over in the play off’s

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

Sometimes its just not meant to be .no matter how you fight and try, mistakes still happen ..that was the situation with maher .. he might find another team and do just fine .he just wasnt meant to be a cowboy .no big deal ..

    jillian hudgens

    Well said


Nope. If we dont have a new HC next year, i’m not watching this team anymore.

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

The giants didnt want to win they wanted to loose .they have a lot more to gain from loosing than winning …draft wise


    It’s LOSE, not LOOSE.

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

Double team zack ertz and the eagles have no teeth

    Ali Muhammad

    Dallas winning the east from wut i saw last night

    Rudy Llamas

    @Ali Muhammad Yes by default. I thought the cowboys would start to peak, but it has not happened>

John Crabtree

They are gonna lose out changing kickers isnt gonna make alot difference . In the long run losing is probably the best thing for dallas jerry wont have any justification for keeping Garrett so go eagles


    The kicker situation is irrelevant anyway; they need to be scoring TDs, not field goals, if they want to win games. Fix the offense, not the kicker.


I don’t know, but if i ever run into David Helman in real life, I’m going to punch him in his smug face.

Rudy Llamas

One year too long! As a fan of 52 years, I don’t see this team doing anything other than be mediocre. I always had more confidence in the 70s than any time since Johnson was fired as coach. What a sad statement of facts.

David Cantu


bradley bryan

Taylor stern is my future wife! Seriously the cutest!

    Billy Howe

    We all wish buddy.

    bradley bryan


texas strong

I hate to say but my own team sucks

Burberry Terry

Lindsey is so hot

Talkin Bout Nawlins

Hell naw,this division should be split up and divided into other divisions.There are great teams who will miss the post season because of all this trash and the assboys are leading the garbage time.

FLIPda IronSquid

Taylor has absolutely NO

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