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Robert Bonilla

Trash Prescott


    @Robert Bonilla was your comment a sarcastic joke intended to portray the opinion of an idiot or was it an opinion of an actual idiot.

    Trae Fauntleroy


Freddy Barron Sr

Dak I want you to succeed and be a Dallas Cowboys for a very long time. Please play your best game and let’s turn this season around!

Freddy Barron Sr

Dak sorry to correct you but you’re not 6-6; YOURE 6-7!

    Trae Fauntleroy

    He said 6 and 7 were you listening??

    Joshua Eason

    Trae Fauntleroy to be fair, he said 6-6 the first time he mentioned the record, he later said it correctly.

Freddy Barron Sr

Yeah we need you to run more Dak


Please turn it around and win out. Please. I’m tired of being disappointed in this team.


Dak, keep working hard and ignore the haters!

    Trae Fauntleroy



So impressed by dak.. his mental makeup is going to lead this team to greatness.

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