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Charlie B

First one to view and first one to comment “Just give the damn ball to Zeke and stop this throwing the ball nonsense “!

    David Draper

    Wish, we could but are running game doesn’t show up like it should, every week like they’re paid to do. This guy said just do your job that is to say work together it’s football and that’s how it’s won.


He must be playing Sunday? They rarely talk to him

    Romeo Smith

    U know dak playin sun


    Dak is limited this week in practice. I am sure Dak will start but if he were to worsen in condition immediately prior to or during the game, Cooper will need to step up.

    Mudd Blood

    Yaya dak just resting so coop is starting in practice sum so wrs can get their work in

Mr. Pop Culture

Why TF is he speaking??
Dak will have to be arrested to miss this game.


    Mr. Pop Culture Adam Schefter said there is a legit chance Dak won’t play. Cooper Rush is being looked at as a legit option right now. Do not write this off so fast.

    Mr. Pop Culture

    Just mid week BS
    They have nothing else to talk about.

    Mudd Blood

    Mr. Pop Culture okay but if rush does play, and we win then wentz will have lost to his doppelganger😂😂


    CamilleSaysWas’Good? Dak will play, he’s not like other qbs who will sit out due to injury . Pats fan.

Eduardo Levy

He looks Like Jason garrets son 🤣

    Christina Campos

    Eduardo Levy Omg I was just saying that

    Mudd Blood

    Nah nah he looks like a more attractive Carson wentz😂

    Andrei Sarmiento

    Youre right dog

Eduardo Levy

He might be a nick foles low key 😤🙏🏻


    Going by the pre-season that’s big fat HELL NO lol.


    Shorty You never know. Nick Foles sucks in Jacksonville, but he played spectacularly as the backup to Wentz in Philly. Cooper Rush may light the eagles up. You never know.


    @CamilleSaysWas’Good? we’ll see, he looked good last year’s pre-season so who knows.

    Gregory Williams

    @CamilleSaysWas’Good? Nick Foles had played before

Interpol Individuals

Jerry jones will say Jason Garrett didn’t get his chance at the Super Bowl run due to injuries. Smh. Then rehire Garrett.

Nicolas Garcia

What a cooper rush sighting?? Let’s go rush.. 💪


    Rush is a better pocket passer than Dak. I was hoping to see more of him after preseason and now it’s his time to shine👏👏

    Nicolas Garcia

    Sohknewjrny chill dak is a top qb.. I am a cooper fan but he’s not anywhere near what dak can do..


    @Nicolas Garcia just cause they beat the Rams doesn’t mean a thing unless its consistent. How many rookie qb has taken Dak to the dryer 🤣🤣


    @Nicolas Garcia garbage yards after losing dont mean a thing. The W is what matters, thank God the east is the worst or else it would have been game over a long time ago.


Light em up, Coop! Imagine a Cooper Connection. Amari Cooper and Cooper Rush.

Ace Garcia

Daks still playing right?


I hope cooper rush plays. Been waiting for awhile and now it’s his chance.

    Cowboys Nation TV DC4L

    Yes sir

    Felix Blaksley

    Sohknewjrny Why would you ever want him on the field…?

    Brenda Fain

    Sohknewjrny. Why? Dak is our QB, but I think I heard he has a hairline fracture in his hand. Maybe, Cooper will play on Sunday, but he is no Dak. If he gets an opportunity to play, he needs to step up. It is his job. Go Cowboys! Happy Holidays.

Trojan Hell

Dak apparently has some injury to his hand 🖐 I heard hope it’s not that serious

    Mudd Blood

    Trojan Hell ya he played through it last week maybe it’s gotten worse

Devon Ngetich


Methods of Magic

I think Cooper would rise to the moment if need be

    Cowboys Nation TV DC4L


Samuel Muriithi

Jason Garrett has never fully disclosed or talked about players on the injury report in full detail during his tenure as head coach. The fact that he openly discussed how hurt Dak is, is quite concerning. I don’t think this is some kind of gamesmanship given the importance of the game, but I truly hope Cooper Rush is getting some reps. There’s no point in him playing if he continues to show accuracy issues with the finger and now shoulder. It’s not about Hero ball, but giving ourselves the best chance to win.

I may be in the minority, but I believe if Cooper has to play, he’ll do well. I believe he’s a better thrower of the ball than Dak and takes more chances. He can also move around a bit. This is only pertinent if Dak isn’t sharp and clearly hurt, because Philly and Schwartz will send blitz packages up the A and B gaps, with intent to get to him and cause harm.

    Mudd Blood

    Samuel Muriithi definitely not a better thrower or the ball but he will rise to occasion if need be

Samuel Muriithi

I trust Cooper. I think he has the arm and the tools and can do some GREAT things within the game plan, IF Zeke is the focal point. Meaning plan A, B, C, D. Zeke should be Fed to the point of submission.

Those Cabo legs should come in handy for a game like this, of this magnitude.

sankalpa chhetri

Dont worry cooper got arm and he can throw.

Cody Smith

One man down means the next one gotta step up


I feel a romo Bledsoe situation if he plays how I think he will , not saying dak will lose the spot just saying when dak fucks up they’ll chant for rush .. IF HE PLAYS GOOD he’s so accurate and he has rocket for an arm

Steve Trice

This is a great game plan
Dak wasn’t hurting in game Sunday

Kevin James

aww Jasons son

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