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Carlos Garcia

Mans can’t go one game without a pick but still play like a god

    Shawn Brink

    Jumper F22 I am almost positive that I understand the situation far better than yourself. Do you have the ability to articulate yourself or are you just bullshitting. You are just gas lighting. Which leads one to believe that they are engaging with a child. Please, please tell everyone what Arians philosophy is.

    Jumper F22

    Shawn Brink Research Bruce Arians philosophy, then you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on. @ me if you need help understanding how wins are more important than turnovers.

    NickTheQuick 224

    He had 0 INTs last week but lol I hear ya

    Knight of Eight

    High risk, high reward.

    Jim Parker

    Sometimes people forget that he took every snap as starting QB in his freshman year at FSU. While he wasn’t busy doing that, he led them to a national championship and picked up a Heismann in his spare time. Yeah, he ain’t bad.


Winston reminds me of Favre but with more interceptions. I know hard to imagine lol

    Stephan Williams

    Jameis has the weakest arm I’ve ever seen, Favre had a cannon. Winston throws the worst looking ball I’ve ever seen, can he even throw a spiral? Favre threw darts

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @amanda miller I didn’t know Reggie could get Favre those MVPs and All-Pro selections. Moron

    Kent Jackson

    Mr. POPO yea he reminds me of Eli too in his prime he thru a lot of pics multiple season

    Kent Jackson

    Surf Surfing it is similar to Eli Manning he doesn’t care either he was known for throwing a lot of pics in his prime but he always fights back no matter what you still got a chance for epic comeback with those type of QBs

Robert Wilson

Great win Bucs defense stepped up when it matter but lets give it up to got dam Winston dude threw 3 ints but came back with 5 touchdowns including the game winner with 456 yards & this is without mike evans and a dam running game. (Go Bucs)

    Anthony Cavitt

    @Phon Xieng you misspelled Winston like 6 times.

    Kimbo Slice

    @Saint Dockery 40 sacks is the same reason you can’t run the ball …..bad o line


    Phon Xieng The O line sucks he has no time and having no time leads to constant quick decisions which will get you turnovers

    Yung MC

    @Phon Xieng ur completely wromg in ur spam post uve put on like 30 comments now.. jameis is good, he has no real rushing atk, and that line is on the lower end of the quality spectrum… if u even watched these highlights nearly every pass was out b4 the 3 second mark which is the average pocket time….so if hes always throwing fast.. corners and safetys dont have to cover long and can always make a quick jump on the ball knowing his 1st and 2nd reads will be all he has time to look thru unless he scrambles and makes a play out of nothing

Rawle Springer

The most Jameis game ever….

    Ian Burke

    last three games have been amazing

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Rawle Springer 26 TD’s and 23 interceptions this year 😂

    Justin C

    @The InvictusSamaritan Lmao When you wanna be the best in every category.


Dear Captain Andrew Luck,

Today we faced a third consecutive defeat, this time from a rogue, milita unit. They call themselves the Bucs and having been terrorizing the southern front for weeks now. Honestly, they are no different from pirates. They’re led by a man known as Famous Jameis, an unruly, undisciplined man with unbelievable strength. The battle was close and there was heavy casualties on both sides. We had so many chances to secure a victory, but without my right hand man, 2nd Lieutenant Hilton, whose recovering from injury, the battle was incredibly hard. I don’t know how long it will be until my unit tastes victory again, but I pray to God it will be soon. As always I hope retirement is treating you well.

Lieutenant Brissett

    Toxix Bob

    Your a legend

    Surf Surfing

    @Brendan Gibson ARIZONA fan, so…….

    EDIT: I type too fast, my keys only typed ARI…..

    Surf Surfing

    @Oliver McCall That is what you are saying, I said Luck was overrated & no better than Kap statistically, which is why their career all-time stats are comparable. Luck is 20th, & Kap 23rd last time I checked. Also why Kap been to a SB, and Luck never sniffed one

    Say No More

    @eoe123321 I’m a Colts fan and I think we should stick with Brissett and build around him I think Brissett will flourish in our offense given time to grow

    Oliver McCall

    @Surf Surfing So do you think Brissett is better or not? And I’m not sure what stats you’re using but Luck was far better than Kaepernick

Robert Wilson

Busch Gardens needs to add a new roller coaster called “the Jameis Winston experience” be the best roller coaster ever. 😂


    @Kimbo Slice he’s getting re-signed. You’re still not gonna find proven production anywhere at this point. Draft beyond Burrow is 👎🏾

    Kimbo Slice

    @Gwrightproductions1 I’ve made a million excuses for him but he will give the entire front office a heart attack before they find out he led the team back to victory

    Queso Chris

    People from Tampa bay area kno😂

    Michael P.

    Just rename that new Iron Gwazi coaster they’re constructing to the J-Dub experience. Like the Michael Vick experience lmao “That’s not in the playbook…but ih shud be.”


    Robert Wilson 😂😂😂


That was the most Jameis QB performance ever

    Bim Henderson

    No it wasn’t. The Bucs won.

    Curry Chicken

    I disagree he had a game like this one year with more int

    Jumper F22

    He play style is just like Brett Favre’s. Lot of ints big yards


    Very Tony Romo like

    Sammy Lantz

    Everything Football and one of the picks should’ve been caught

Justinn Zamora

Hey Winston. How many aneurysms and heart attacks are you going to give Bucs fans in this game?

Jameis Winston: Yes

    Do Du

    thats jameis kind of stats: 600 yards, 8 td, 6 picks, 2 rushing td, 5 fumbles

    Sean J

    tell them to put a decent O-line in front of him, maybe then he wont have to fire the ball into tight coverage … oh and tell them to get another receiver besides M.Evins

    Ric H

    @Sean J Chris Godwin has more yards than Evans this year. They are the Best WR Duo in the NFL this year


    This is very much on point

    Justin C

    @Sean J He threw to 9 different receivers This game bro, lol But I think Juston Watson is about to go off the next 3 games

Andrew Baker

Jameis throws for 456 yards with 73% completion 4 touchdowns passing and 1 rushing, also Jameis 3 Interceptions with one being a pick 6 it doesn’t make sense.

    Phon Xieng

    it does it means he stinks and needs to go. he always playing catch up and racking up bullshit yards

    Jumper F22

    Evans and Godwin are both top 5 in receiving. That hasn’t been done since Reggie Wayne and Marvin Hairston probably. If his receivers happy that’s all It matters. Throwing 40+ times a game is too much, ints will happen

    Dario Zuher

    I like that J Winston he never falls down, don’t pay attention to the ints, he just throws like nothing happened lol

    Not Bucs fan

    Phon Xieng

    @Dario Zuher and the bucs need that kind of qb that will throw int and either win or lose form playing from behind SUPER BOWL!

    Micah Frink

    Andrew Baker life as a Bucs fan lol

Uche Ebo

Jameis Winston is the opposite of himself. idk of that makes sense but he is

    Jerrell Simmons

    It doesn’t. But strangely, that’s why it does lol.


Jameis Winston is how we all play madden.

    Mats Rosenkranz

    That’s sooooo true😂😂


    Darius Leonard is how you we play with the user LB in madden. Always lurking


    best comment


    Bruh u ain’t lied.. my QB got 40 touchdowns with 38 INT. and I’m n the superbowl lmfao

projectdfrosty 7

When you realize that Tampa Bay has a better record than Carolina and Atlanta……

    Jude Lloyd

    I’m a Saints fan and I believe Tampa will take over the division within the next few years.

    King Of Bokey

    @Mike With the Sauce fr they real trash over there…the nfl needs a playoffs change

    DawgHouse Fitness

    @Steven Statistically speaking we won the division on Thanksgiving, are fighting for a #1 playoff spot ,and don’t accumulate yards during garbage time trying to dig ourselves out of a hole.


    @DawgHouse FitnessWith the aid of the referees no doubt, helping the Saints with all the bs calls against their opponents and the no calls on the saints. The refs are clearly trying to make up from that no call on the dpi against the rams in the nfc championship game.

    And no, the bucs have not been accumulating yards during garbage time because they were still in it at the end in most of their losses.

Miles Robinson

2019 has been not so good for the Colts..

mikol hawkins

Jamies winston is the new bret farve 2019 Gunslinger and Mr. Interception. I think he will be back as buccaneers about in 2020

    Eric Jackson

    mikol hawkins
    Yes he will be back they’re going to franchise him an they going to draft a couple of o lineman an say bye bye to Dotson an maybe a running back

Darrell Green

I know he’s a turnover waiting to happen , but he sure knows how to shake off picks , he needs some sort of run game, to help him out , making him throw 50 times a game , is asking for trouble !

Zack Beeman

Jameis Winston has to be the most confusing QB of all time.

Joan Melnick

Jamous would easily be an elite quarterback without the stupid mistakes.



    Hicks Wilcher


    Joseph Johnson

    Fameis Jamous

Héctor Gómez

Winston is a warrior he ever gives up after some INT, I Love your game I believe in winston ever, congratulation franchise récord in season 4115yds And 3 games to play I hope 5,000 yds go winston you can do it

Nick Mungo

2:25 I was like dang ive never seen mike Evans run so fast I couldn’t believe it was him. Seconds later… pulls a hammy 😂. Well that makes sense

nathan c

When you’re worried about Jameis in fantasy (he gets 34 points), so you start Russel Wilson (who barely gets 10) 🤨🤡

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