Coach Gruden Updates Josh Jacobs’ Status, Hunter Renfrow out vs. Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Updates Josh Jacobs’ Status, Hunter Renfrow out vs. Jaguars

Head Coach Jon Gruden discusses running back Josh Jacobs, wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, playing at the Coliseum, and more.

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Sol6rG6mes ForYou

Can we please PLEASE fire Guenther at the end of the season? Hes a tragedy. And venom to our team.

    Sol6rG6mes ForYou

    @Nolan Steurer There’s that, but we have given up over 100 points in the last 3 Games. On top of Guenther being 3 steps behind every offense. Anyone can call Guenthers plays 2 plays before he calls them.

    Leon Florence

    A tragedy and venom to our team? I don’t agree with you but I like the way you write

    Sol6rG6mes ForYou

    @Leon Florence Just speaking my mind. Not a fan of Guenther the least bit.


    There’s no talent in the cupboard. No talent = no defence

    Sol6rG6mes ForYou

    @huggeebear Maxx Crosby, Vontaze Burfict, Lamarcus Joyner, Clelin Ferrel, Erik Harris. We have plenty of talent, we have nobody to show them how to use it.

raider nation full moon records

Can we please not get blown out the last game in oak please smh

Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

Did Mark Davis make me a contract?

Josip Ljubicic


Laz Barbosa

We need to use rico gafford alot more i keep hearing we need speed kid runs a 4.2 hastened dropped a pass

Laz Barbosa

Rico reminds me of tyreek hill the way he runs

A.S. James

Want to see Gruden win – he is a hell of a coach .
To him it’s always been about the fans .

    Gene Grode

    Not to be a Debbie Downer but Gruden has NOT proved himself as a ‘hell of a coach” The SB Tampa won was not his team it was Dungy’s. Look at Grudens W/L record… 105 – 100… Is that the record of a “hell of a coach”? Just say’n

Six Foot Four Mike

Fire Paul Gunther

Listen2TheReal 310

I just hope we don’t run Jacobs into the ground he’s way too valuable.

    NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100

    I know he wants to play. But honestly, i say let the man heal up. He deserves it.

    Listen2TheReal 310

    NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100 Definitely

    Zakk Molina

    I’d say go sit him, we aren’t going to the playoffs

Bob Hobbs

If we can play in London and Mexico City…we need to come back to OAKLAND COLISEUM at least once EVERY year!!!

    Ed Zepplin

    great idea

myers •

3:53 LOL


Just win in Vegas baby


Gotta utilize the speed WR. Do it for Al! First play of the game go deep to Gafford!!


1st play deep post pattern to Gafford! That’s RAIDER FOOTBALL!

luis guzman

Fucken depressing last 3 weeks


Chucky you better not play JJ you need to rest him and have him get ready for next season!!!!

Theodore Carr

Alot of foot problems this year..Chuckie classic grin…RN4L

Freddie Davis

Please REST Jacob rest of this season! Y’all gonna lose the last three games, don’t get your franchises running back injured!
Jalen Hurt gonna need someone to hands the Ball off to next season!

Adam Miller

I’m going to miss the Raiders in California. I’m a Bolt fan , but really I’m a California football fan. Rams , Niners, BOLTZ, and Raiders.
The Raiders are a Cali team and we love em. Best to the fans and the organization. Saluta!!!.

    Ed Zepplin

    well said man


It doesn’t seem real raiders are moving 😢

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