Zach Ertz “I’ve Gotta be Playing My Best Football Right Now” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Zach Ertz “I’ve Gotta be Playing My Best Football Right Now” | Eagles Press Pass

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz discusses Sunday's matchup at Washington, the team's younger players stepping up, and more.

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Can an egg Get 1,000 subs

Ok we got this

    Jason Smith

    Foles > wentz


Man I know we’re gonna win this division, Go Eagles!!!!

    helicopter weewee

    Not only that, I hope we win by Week 16, rest the players on Week 17.


Yes bro we need u to play 100% during this time

Dbz Lover

Play Off Mode Zach Ertz? Lol

Jessica Villafane

Go Eagles!!!!

William F. Buckley Jr

Fans OUTSIDE the NFC East really don’t get what a big win this was for our ‘Birds.
There will ALWAYS be the spoiler-factor.

And as our beloved Merrill would say, “We can’t breathe easy yet.”

William F. Buckley Jr


“THE BALL is going to find an open guy.”
The BALL, not Carson Wentz.

Come on!! I’m not the only guy who heard that!!

Sonny R

Zach is definitely a future hall of Famer…

Daz Dealz

Next year the eagles will be replacing the film room w a Hospital for half our Roster. They will be calling it 6 Week Stingers We will also be changing our name To The Philadelphia Questionables. This will go into effect in 4-6 Weeks ( Really means 6 months)

Danny Blankenship

Best TE in NFL

Lourdes Sobera

God is with him. Go Eagles!!!!

Eugene Willsey

To all the camera guys give the guy space no closer than 2 feet. thank you.
camera’s have a zoom , use it.

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