Coach Gruden Discusses Richie Incognito, Recaps 2019 Season | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Discusses Richie Incognito, Recaps 2019 Season | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden recaps the 2019 season, discusses guard Richie Incognito, tight end Darren Waller, cornerback Trayvon Mullen, and more.

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Ready for next year already!!! Can’t wait for the draft and have all players healthy.

    Tyger King of kings

    @SuperOmnicron I know truth hurts but is not me who you mad at, get real fanboy.

    Tyger King of kings

    @SuperOmnicron A real fan knows better than to sound like a broken record. Long time fans have been through too much following the Raiders to not understand the scenario season after season.

    Sikeer Xyoojj

    Burfict and Abraham!

    Helmut von Vegasack

    Leonard “Big Cat” Williams FA!

    Joshua scott

    If we sign trash players and not good players suggesting it will be 5-11 or 7-9

Lost Smoke

They can get a little help leaving on a Wednesday, but weather is about heart: how much you want it.

Tablesalt Sgt

“We are excited to be knowing where we are gonna be playing. And, excited have a city that is excited about having us.”

This was directed at you Oakland.

    Tarek Abdelmeguid

    Great observation 🤔
    Very true


    No it wasn’t. It was directed at Las Vegas, to be conscientious of where they’re going. It wasn’t a slant at Oakland whatsoever.

    West Coastin'

    Stop digging bruh


    Tablesalt Sgt
    Oakland supported him and raised him when he first started!!!! 😡. That was directed at Vegas …

    Robert Smith

    all of the fans that live in Oakland can thank Libby Schaff for not keeping the team in Oakland..

James Williams

This is a coach with a true passion for the game and a desire to win. Anyone who doubts this man doesn’t know football.

    Esaw Franco

    Never doubted his passion. Do doubt his play calling.

    Robert Smith

    @Esaw Franco THAT is exactly right… Gruden has to dig deep and start pulling out all the stops..lay out a gameplan for each opponent…BUT.. lets say the last 2 years were a building or foundation effort… o.k… I can allow that in my mind… so next year if they keep Carr… lets get some WR help.. go after the help we need on defense.. and i strongly suggest they get a new defensive coordinator..BUT.. Raider philosophy has always been..stretch the defense!! get away from the dink and dunk offense.. and quit handing off every series… THROW THE BALL DOWNFIELD… draw up some sweeps.. a little razzle dazzle!!!… allow me to say I am no rookie.. I have been a fan since the sixties!!! lets get with it …

    Esaw Franco

    @Robert Smith couldnt have elaborated better myself. Tired of throwing for 2 yards on a 3rd and 8. Running on almost every first down. Only working short passes when smart defenses start to crowd the box, we need to be more unpredictable. No more middle school offense bs

OC Run

Kudos for having the vison and balls to sign Incognito and the mutual respect to re-sign him. Incognito has been a perfect Raider and has earned respect.


Coach I’m still here with you since day one ☝🏽 Raider Nation Forever Coach 💪🏽


Need to fire Olsen and Guenther.
Just sucks he’s best buddies with them

    Joshua scott

    Redskins hire ron rivera and Jack Del Rio 🤔

Breyan Donaldson

Raiders gonna keep adding while playing in the new Death Star! City of Oakland council THANKS. FOR. NOTHIN.

    Bill Lozier

    the new Death Star? Love it! Its perfect.


7 mill for a top 5 guard damn solid

    Christopher Munoz

    6.35 mil actually the rest is probably insensitives because there’s no taxes on vegas

Mr Smith

Coach Gruden, if you have two players rated equally at the same position, draft the player from a cold weather city! 😮🤔😁

Extreme PC Vids

Best thing about this season? The rookies! Fantastic draft in 2019- looking forward to 2020.

Mr Smith

Please can we sign Joe Schoebert? He’s an every down linebacker; annual top 10 tackler and 4 ints this season.

Giant dwarf Giant dwarf

Love the coach love the team ☠️RN4L☠️ lets have a big 2020😤

john mazuera

We have had “continuity” Jon……the losing kind. I don’t know what gruden and mayock are gonna do this draft but it better be good, I say draft 2 beast playmaking wr’s in the first round then jus draft defense with the remaining picks🤷🏽‍♂️but what the hell do I know lol

Denzel Long

Gruden is Draft Ready already ..the Hoodie tells it all !!

Michael G

Chucky did Pretty good this Year Viva Las Vegas.

Bill Lozier

The Raiders 2019 season wasn’t what I wanted but it was a huge success anyway. The rookie class was the best in the NFL. From 4-12 to 7-9 and a chance to make the playoffs on the last day of the season. The Oakland Raiders fans showed passion & love. Las Vegas loves the Raiders. They are giving my Team a new beautiful home to play in. Dont mourn the loss but embrace the gain the Raiders making. Here I come LV. Tailgating/party starts on a Friday! Bring you costumes. Party like its 1999! Again & Again.

George Sabol

This team my team are doomed. Never have I seen a team shoot themselves in the foot with penalties so much. Stupid, unforgivable wastesof talent. Quarterback change for sure.Just no consistency.

    Swen Olson

    That would be the dumbest thing to do is change our QB right now! Do you not remember the horrible QBs we had before Carr? Campbell was the best one we had since Gannon. If we Do draft a rookie QB we should let him sit behind Carr for a couple years to learn Grudens complex scheme.

Mark M

Now that I think of it, its goodthe Raiders lost the last game at Oakland since the fans stupidly booed off the players, and the city trying to sue Davis, that’s just stupid.
The end of one thing, the beginning of something new. Lets go Raiders!

K Hasan

As long as Gruden plays OC and coach as well as Carr leading this team we’ll win nothing! Grudens plays are old and antiquated and just trash! There has been no word on firing our DC either and that’s a big lose lose! He never changed our schemes and never really blitzed. Our corners kept getting beat and we weren’t even blitzing, so what would it hurt to actually BLITZ MF!!!

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