Best From Media Availability – 12.30.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Best From Media Availability – 12.30.19 | Raiders

Watch the best moments from Trayvon Mullen, Clelin Ferrell, Maurice Hurst, Hunter Renfrow, and Derek Carr during media availability on Monday at Raiders HQ in Alameda, Calif.

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Sean Perry

Where can I buy one of those hats “For the Boys”

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    Now I want one


    Oh it’s a podcast? Okay

    Joshua scott

    I have a raiders hat

    Lencho E

    Yes , “ Bussin with the boys “

    Joshua scott

    @Lencho E idk why the raiders not firing Greg Olsen he loves short passing offense


Really love the young guys we have going forward. Some obviously need some work than others but the pieces are there and if we develop them right we’ll be good. On to Vegas and hopefully we’re talking playoffs next year.

    darkside soldier!!

    @OrdinaryGhoul your really positive

    darkside soldier!!

    @OrdinaryGhoul just jump ship..we don’t need you


    darkside soldier!! And yet, the franchise doesn’t need us 🤷‍♂️

    darkside soldier!!

    @OrdinaryGhoul speak for yourself homeboy


    darkside soldier!! Just sayin, you think mark davis cares to need us? There will be no home field advantage in Vegas


Okay back to Laker basketball until the raiders offseason.

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    I only really like football so I got to wait another year

    hates Money

    Go warriors



    Zakk Molina

    hates Money Eric Paschal MVP

Leon Florence

An offseason for our young players is going to do so much good. Imagine Mad Maxx with an offseason of proper strength training. Dude is going to be a monster

    Elvir Doko

    Leon Florence yea he has so much room to gain size and keep that speed

    Steve Steele

    Leon Florence He’s a mix of Ted Hendrix and Howie Long, (not a DT obviously).


Hey Will Compton if you’re reading this get one of the boys on the podcast ASAP


I like Cle’s attitude. It’s very Raiders mentality. Yeah we made strides this year, but we can play way better. Mad we lost that last game in Oakland and ready to play next year. Ready to take it to the league

    James Reantaso

    That is the difference coach and Mayock been looking for in our draft. So awesome!

    Joshua Carlos

    I agree with u

Jason Crawford

DC still my dawg. Needs to see the field better and execute a tad bit more patience, but he’s still my dawg. Always will be.

I am just glad the Raiders are getting some new stuff. About damn time. It’s always nice to get new stuff. New stadium. New team headquarters.

    Elvir Doko

    Darth Plagueis the wise a speedy #1 WR. Too many teams are playing us underneath

    Ya Boi Tom

    Elvir Doko how will that help? Carr is a Checkdown QB he’s a bum he’s a pocket QB in an era where pocket QBs are becoming obsolete

    Elvir Doko

    Ya Boi Tom if you’re the defensive coach scheming against the raiders, which WR scares you? None. That’s why we need one more piece that can be our deep guy. Carr was bombing it to Crab and Coop AND outside of the pocket, you forget about that? it’s a team game and Carr is our guy

    Ya Boi Tom

    Elvir Doko what has Carr done in 6 years?

    Elvir Doko

    Ya Boi Tom so you suggest to start over again and rebuild with another young QB. Waste 2 more years of developing him and it’s still a gamble in the end. Right now, he gives us the best chance to win. Rome wasn’t built in a day


I Love our Rookies. Cle_Missle is a Great guy and a Huge building block

Tyler N

Hey y’all just in case no on heard, Derek’s got a meeting at 11.

    Ivan Garcia

    Tyler N cut from team

Vegas Skin

DC needs to take more chances. He’s efficient but too much like Alex smith. Needs a top WR to help but please take more chances.

    Tevin Jones

    I hate this narrative that Carr is a dink and dunker… Hes top 10 in yards per attempt I just beg you “fans” to just simply watch the game… The drops, penalties, injuries its wild the standard Carr gets held to everyone expects him to do it alone.. Like mahomes doesnt have weapons everywhere… Like the pats dont have the best defense in the league… Look at the playoff teams theres really only one team who isnt good in the playoffs because they are in a terrible division it takes a good team to win one player can only do so much…

    Tevin Jones

    @Everett Plater cooper might not even get resigned😂😂😂 he still has problem being consistent and with drops like he has since hes entered the league…. And dont act like those other player are the reason any of those teams are doing well… Seth is probably the best of all of them Tbh vut the ravens dont even use there wrs so just stop.

    Everett Plater

    @Tevin Jones and carr is just as consistent cooper has won a playoff game and was a major factor in them getting to the playoffs so you are making my point for me dont get me wrong love the man carr but his QB play is not up to par he has gotten out played by every rookie QB he has went against this and last year minus Bengals we have to face facts it’s time to pull the plug carr is holding this team back and we all see and know it

    Isaiah Barajas

    @Everett Plater what??!?!!! Amari cooper led the league in drops when he was with the raiders lol It was cooper, Robert’s, and Crabtree. Simple as that. Copper had butterfingers

    Isaiah Barajas

    @Everett Plater I didn’t know one man can hold the team back, it’s a team sport. Blame the coaching, blame the players, and blame the defensive coordinator because he his awful. Carr did his job as he was supposed to. We had too many injuries this season that cost us dearly. Our #1 receiver is our tight end which isn’t something we need to be proud of, we need speed threat out there

Richard Martinez

We need to have a dominant on defense

Steven Vicijan

“1100 meeting, Derrek. . . ” arrrh, sounds like pots and pans noise

Jeremy Andrade

All of the rookies are going to be soooo much better next season. They have the whole offseason to improve rather than train for a combine. Watch all these guys bulk up this offseason

    Elvir Doko

    Jeremy Andrade yea man I think they all can add a few pounds, especially max and hunter

Kevin Kaatz

Carr need b under center in 2020 and beyond

Kevin Kaatz

Derek, meeting in 2 min.

Kevin Kaatz

Missed FG, dropped passes gotta stop


imagine if we get a stud LB and #1 WR speedburner this team is going to be unstoppable with the young hungry nucleus we have superbowl or bust in 2021.

    Ya Boi Tom

    Stangman12 what is this supposed “speedburner” going to do with Check Down Carr?

    cecil kozuh

    @Ya Boi Tom he was in the top 10 in deep pass attempts last year.. probably about the same this year.

Elvir Doko

3rd year in the same system, great foundation for Vegas

Count Cristo

4:50 I need that hat Cle Ferrells wearing

Steve Steele

11-5 next year with Carr as QB. IMO.


    Steve Steele Word

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